Thursday, 29 December 2011

The End of Christmas Break (And Winston...)

So, Christmas break has been interesting this year - and far from what I would call a break. With darting back and forth between provinces, seeing BOTH my families, trying to squeeze in a "Christmas" with my roommates, and - of course - a car accident, I've had hardly enough time to think, let alone to break.

Now, some of you may be going, "car accident? What even?"

It is a good question, and the answer is, yes, Derek and I were in a car accident this Christmas. Yes, I was driving, and yes, it was an almost identical accident to the one that happened in October 2010. For anyone who might not know, in October last year (thanksgiving weekend, even - interesting, because this time it was Christmas break: what's next? Easter?) Derek, his brother, my old roommate, and I were in a fairly major accident. Our vehicle rolled six times, and we all ended pretty beat up. The accident sucked, and my life for awhile after really sucked, but things were starting to get better, and I wasn't expecting to be in another accident for a very, very long time!

Shows what I know right?

That right there, is our car. See it? All upside down and stuff? Poor Winston... He shall never drive again.

Yes, our car's name was Winston. And yes, he was brilliant. How we loved him. He was just hitting his teen years and was trying to find himself (we think that's the reason he was always getting us lost). Dear Winston, Derek and I will miss you.

Just so you know, Derek and I are both physically fine. Derek scraped his knuckles and the top of his head and I have a huge bruise on my knee, and we're both pretty sore and stiff all over, but we're ok. And this only goes to show that when we're leaving Swan River around the holidays, I shouldn't be driving!


  1. Why did I not know about this blog before? It's very interesting and creative! We were so relieved you were both okay. I'm sorry about the wisecrack about "you should be a stunt driver" - it was too early for that kind of black humour (I was just trying to lighten the mood). Anyway, now every time Boxing Day rolls around, you will have another story to tell ...

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that you're enjoying it. Don't worry about the joke. I was just pretty shooken up that day. I'm sure I'd take it very well now! I've already shared a number of laughs with people about the SECOND major car accident in less than a year and a half. :D