Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Inches of Water, and Bushels of Prayer

Well, I do have another post to share this evening (will probably end up writing it after getting back from church this evening), but since I'm writing about my life, I figured I'd let you in on something a bit more frustrating that we've discovered about our house. I mentioned here that we'd discovered that our house did a bit more than "seep" water into the basement (as was mentioned by the previous owners when we bought the house), but I haven't really mentioned it since. Well, since that post, we've been seeing the water do weird things. For the first few days, it would mysteriously shrink to almost nothing, then appear full blown again the next day. After that it seemed to be steadily going away, but this evening when I went down to get the food for supper, I saw that the water had once again spread across the entire hallway (where the stairs from the main floor lead to the basement). As I got closer, I realized that the water covered almost the entirety of our basement - in almost an inch of water. In fact, it was so bad, that huge sections that hadn't been touch at all before were completely soaked!

This section was one of the shallowest, and even there, it's halfway up my feet.

Needless to say, Derek and I are concerned. We were planning on waterproofing the basement (preferably before spring), but this sudden appearance of SO MUCH WATER, when it has been fairly dry for the past few days, makes us wonder if there's a problem with our pipes? And if so, can we really afford to get a plumber in right now? Well, anyway, that's what happened today in our lives. Derek sent off an email to the lawyers that we processed the deal with, asking if there was any kind of clause or agreement that would protect us from this not-mentioned problem. So, while I'm not one to often ask for prayer, I'd love it if you folks could think of us while you're doing your daily devos, or supper prayers, or whatever. As first time homeowners  Derek and I really aren't sure what to do about this issue that our quirky home is facing.

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  1. Is there a sump pump in the house? If not, bash a hole through the concrete and install on. That will eliminate atlEast the flooding part. For the rest you'd have to the figure out the actual cause of it.