Thursday, 27 June 2013


Well, you might be wondering why this is coming out on a Tuesday (aaaand as you're probably all aware, it is not, in fact, Tuesday, but rather Thursday... because the bloggin app on my iPhone apparently doesn't post posts, but rather holds them in complete limbo for, apparently, two day), as opposed to Sunday, and let me tell you... I literally slept all day on Sunday (from when church ended until about 6:30 when Derek and I went to our friends; apparently I was tired. Weird.) and then yesterday I was too busy - you know, doing things like playing Star Wars video games.... Because that's important. 

But I digress; let's just pretend its Sunday and the rest of you are the ones who are off. Today, because we're already doing some time traveling, lets go back in time to when my parents, Elisha and Natalie came to visit. I've had a couple requests (ahem, Rachel) to post on this particular time period and the work we got done, so I figured I'd start hammering those out. Shall we begin with one of the most noticeable? 

Because I'm on my iPhone as I type this, you guys get to see a sort of in between photo, but ignore that and look at the walls. They're yellow. Which isn't THAT bad, but they were really just not jiving with my idea for the house. In fact, Derek and I had decided to take the wall colour in a totally different direction. 

Aka, dark navy/teal. 

Kablam! It's called Regal Wave by CIL, and we got it in the Satin, kitchen and bath finish. 

Natalie and I were the ones to tackle the painting, while everyone else worked on other things. At first we started off with me doing the cutting in and Natalie rolling, but after about five minutes we switched because I really prefer to roll, and she didn't mind. 

It was so wonderful to be painting with another person because as it was, it took us about two days and three and a half coats to finish it completely. It makes sense that it took so long, because this was so far the biggest room we've painted in the house and there was A LOT to work around, cupboards, windows, doorways, etc. 

But while the middle doesn't tend to make much sense, the end result was FANTASTIC. 

We love, love, love how it turned out. We were definitely concerned about going so dark, but thankfully our instincts were right: having two big windows, white cupboards and white floors makes it still really bright in there. And now the cupboards pop so much more! 

As does the various art that we have: 

Oh yeah, and I'm really loving pairing bright lime green with the walls. Yum!

Oh, and check out my FINISHED chalkboard calendar! It looks so great against the dark walls! 

Yeah, there really isn't anything written on it, but it looks fantastic! 

So that's our kitchen. Next week: the basement?

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