Saturday, 3 March 2012

Question: How do you Store Your Toilet Paper?

 Haha. Yes. That's the title of the post. And it's mostly inspired from the switch my roommates and I made in storing our toilet paper. We changed it up ages ago, but I never got around to posting about it. Remember the month of silence? Yeah... I know lots of people store it under the sink (yes?) or in a bathroom cupboard, but we were storing it on the floor next to the garbage can... Very exciting.

It was fine and all, but rather blah. Plus the floor dirt got on the paper - which is just gross. So then, I was at 10,000 Villages, and I saw this basket. Naturally woven, and fair trade, I was in love at once. So, home it came, and I found...

...that it fit three rolls of paper perfectly! And not only that, I think it's a bit stylish... Or at least nicer than the blah pile beside the garbage can. It keeps our small floor space a little bit clearer, keeps the paper itself cleaner, and makes me way happier.

So much nicer than before! And believe me, there have been a couple other bathroom projects that I really should share... The place is looking spiffier and spiffier - and for pretty cheap too. 

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