Saturday, 16 June 2012

As Derek would say, "This Vacuum Sucks!"

Warning: images in this post might shock and terrify. Not for the faint of heart.

For those of you who have been to the apartment that Vickie, Lana, and I lived in for a year and a half, you probably have some inclination of what this post contains. You may have even heard my our laments on the state of our carpet. When we first moved in to the apartment, we were given a vacuum, but when we pulled it out the first time to clean up our carpets, we discovered that it didn't work. And like our adventures with a living room lamp (note: it took probably 3 or 4 months for us to finally get a lamp, even though since the beginning, we'd decided we needed one), it took us way, way too long - and by that I mean, it didn't happen.

So, once in a while we borrowed a vacuum cleaner from a friend, or a neighbour... But thinking back, I'm pretty sure that the last succesful borrow (because there were vacuums that didn't work that we borrowed) was back in October (EEK!) when I borrowed Sean Bucholz's vacuum to clean Derek's car - and to simultaneously vacuum the apartment.

Needless to say, the carpets in the apartment were disgusting when Derek moved in at the end of May. Well, Derek and I honeymooned and on our return, the first thing we did together was go out and buy a vacuum, a Bissell Cleanview Helix Vacuum, to be precise. We wanted something that would work well, but was in our price-range - aka, not a Dyson.

Image found here.

So, we read the reviews, looked at the cleaners, went to Canadian Tire, and brought back our baby. Mr. Cleanview. (I don't actually call him that, just... well, everyone needs a name, right?).

It worked beautifully - as in, our carpets were beautiful afterwards. Though, you can now better see the carpet stains, since they are no longer hidden by layers of dirt....

And on to the disgusting, only read further if you're ready to hurl your cookies!

Yes, that was our bag-less vacuum dirt holder after vacuuming the apartment once...

Here's another close up if you weren't properly disgusted the first time. 
I'm surprised there aren't things living in there....

And here ends the post. Thanks for reading! Any gross cleaning stories of your own? Ever move somewhere only to discover that the previous inhabitants hadn't kept up the cleaning? (sorry, Derek.) Let me know!

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