Monday, 11 June 2012

Hello Honeymoon: Ontario Bound

Well, Derek and I are returned. Actually, we got back a week ago, but life has been insane, so nothing has been written about it. In fact, as I sit here on my living room couch, I am secretly very openly appalled at the mess which overruns my living room and kitchen. There is a giant pile of stuff to go to MCC waiting here, picture frames we received from people sitting all over my loveseat, various items of decor that are currently waiting for homes scattered, well, everywhere... The list goes on. However, compared to what it looked like after we unloaded the car last Sunday evening - the house looks great... So, I suppose I'm not that terribly appalled. Instead, eagerly anticipating the return of order and beauty. In the meantime, I remember all the wonderful that this house will eventually be! And all the wonderful that already exists in it - such as the breadmaker that my sister, Rachel, and her boyfriend, Brent, got for me and Derek (with which, of course, as soon as we were able to buy ingredients, I made - and then ate - delicious rum and raisin bread). The breadmaker that is so large, it doesn't fit in our cupboards, but instead lives in our linen closet.

There it is, living with the laundry soap and the lightbulbs... Ah, what a perfect home.

Now, on to the purpose of this post (Isn't it interesting how rabbit trails appear even in my writing?): The Honeymoon! Or rather, vacation, as we plan on honeymooning for reals in February. You see, at the chicken factory, it is difficult to get time off around this point in the year, busy season and all, so even getting one week off was a stretch for Derek, but we managed, and we headed to southern Ontario. We left (early) the morning after the wedding, arrived Sunday night, spent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday there, and then left Saturday again to arrive back home Sunday night, so that Derek could go to bed early in order to get up at 4:00 for work the next day. 

We had planned on going camping, but it turned out that both Derek and I got sick after the wedding, so camping was out, and being a tourist was in! As Derek's visits to Ontario before had lacked much of the tourist part, we first went to Niagara Falls! 

Here is Derek at the falls, super excited about seeing them.

While there, we visited Ripley's Believe It or Not, and had supper at Montana's, where we drew a lovely mural to commemorate our time at the falls.


It includes a unicorn named Kyle, after our good friend; Derek and I in a hot air balloon; a man making weird faces; a beach ball... It's not necessarily an accurate description of our time there...

We planned to visit the criminal mastermind wax museum, because Derek and I are criminal masterminds, but after the meal, we were so stuffed that we just drove home. 

We also visited Canada's Wonderland and the CN Tower, but we have no photos of that. The CN Tower was exciting for me, because it was my first time being up there! I even stood on the glass floor ....for a couple seconds. And Derek had to hold onto me the whole time. Apparently I'm not so good at being miles above the city and being able to see the ground? Alas, it is not one of my personal skills. 

To remember all the wonderful fun of our time there, I created a jar of Ontario. 

I simply took some of our ticket stubs and a couple other items from the trip and put them inside a mason jar, labelling it with a bit of masking tape. The idea is one I started with my trip to Paraguay, as you can see next to it. Derek and I plan on continuing to make jars of our vacations - perhaps for the rest of our lives!

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