Monday, 8 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #9: Pantry Magic

My task today: organize the pantry. I suppose this falls again into the not pretty, but necessary category?  However, when I got down to the basement, I discovered that all that snow and rain had had more of an impact on our house than we'd realized. Exhibit A: my hubby standing in a puddle. I know the pictures aren't fantastic, but that piece of carpet is soaked through, and it's almost entirely surrounded by water.

Nothing of ours was ruined, it was just a surprise to come down and see that sections of our basement's floor were covered in half an inch of water! When we were going through the "buying" process, we were told that there was minor seepage in the basement, but nothing that couldn't be handled with a dehumidifier. Well, let me tell you - this was a lot more than what a dehumidifier could handle! The darker spots in the picture are where there's water on the floor.

Here's a shot of the back of the pantry. For the most part the water seemed to have come through from the north wall/floor space. The large room on the south side of the house was almost completely water free - and the water in there appeared to have run in from the other side of the house. So we're thinking that once the water dries up down there, we'll give the floor and walls a nice coat of waterproof paint and see what happens next time we have a lot of melting precipitation.

But even though it may seem that I was derailed by the sudden appearance of Noah's ark a couple puddles, I was determined (now more than ever, actually) to get the pantry organized, and therefore to get boxes of food off the floor!

The pantry has so far been one of those places that I've said "I'll get to", and today I got to it. I know the before and after pictures hardly seem much different, but in reality, the space is completely changed! All our food is out of the boxes that they were moved in, baking supplies are with other baking supplies, juice crystals are with the hot chocolate mix, canned and dry soups are placed together.

Everything is organized so that it is both easily seen, and easily accessible (other than having to wade through Niagara falls to get to it...).

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