Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bathroom Mood Board

Well, it's been awhile, I must say. Almost two months since my last post. Where has the time gone? Silly Chana. Maybe the inspiration to blog has come from the fact that I just finished a play this past weekend (did The Count of Monte Cristo with Candlewick Productions). The blog was actually started because of those inevitable down days following the "play high". Speaking of The Count, I probably ought to do a post dedicated to that, but ah well... Onto the exciting bits. For those of you who've been reading on this blog, you may have noticed that our bathroom has gotten most of the home-decorating focus (painting, decor upgrades, etc.). Well, I figured I ought to share some ideas I have of where it might be heading. Now, mind you the mood board might not look the prettiest/organized (as this is the first time I've attempted to create one) but I think it gets some of the general ideas across. The idea is for it to have a fairly fun beachy feel to it. So, here goes!

1. Well, this basket Derek and I actually own already. It's from Ten Thousand Villages and I got it several months ago. In fact, I mention it here on the blog. It goes with the beach theme and adds a nice natural feel to the room. (We use it to store extra toilet paper rolls.)

2. This shower curtain from West Elm is kinda what I'm looking for. I want something with a bigger pattern - preferably in grey - so as not to compete with some of the smaller patterns/items in the room (ie. the stool that sits next to the curtain). At $60 with shipping, though, it's a bit out of my price range. I'm considering DIYing a shower curtain like it, but we'll have to see about that.

3. These towels can be found at Pottery Barn for $34.17 each, however Superstore actually carries almost identical ones for either $13, or $17 (for the oversized ones). I love the white simplicity of them, but the coloured stripes keep them from being boring. And I don't know about the Pottery Barn version, but the ones from Superstore are pretty darn comfy! I actually picked up a couple in tan today (they looked grey in the store) however, when I got them home, I realized the colour was off, so I'll be returning them tomorrow and picking up to in yellow instead.

4. This beauty of a stool is something I DIYed a couple months back. I think I mentioned it and said I'd be blogging about it in the future... still gotta give a detailed post on it, but she's quite lovely. and very handy. Good place to put clothing while you're showering, or to store a drink if you're taking a bath, etc. Love it!

5. I found this guy on Urban Outfitters today, and it was love at first sight! I'm not normally one for loading up my counter space with all kinds of objects - tend to like to keep it clear - but can't you just imagine him? He'd completely "fun" up any bathroom. And he'd free up space in our overflowing medicine cabinet!

6. These are some of the basic colours that seem to be the dominant theme in the bathroom. They're not EXACTLY the colours I'm going for (they're all actually a bit too pastel-y), but you get the idea?

7. Finally, I'd love to see some sea-shell/barnacle/rope etc. themes happening in the room. Not sure how exactly to implement them, but I'm creative.

Well, everyone. That's my latest post. Hope you all enjoyed it. And I really do hope that I'll be back again soon with all kinds of things about my life.

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