Sunday, 22 January 2012

Isn't he the cutest?

No, I'm not talking about Derek, though, of course, I think Derek is quite often absolutely adorable, but I'm talking about this gorgeous owl coin bank that I found at Z Gallerie today while I was browsing on of my (new) favourite online stores. Of course, being the poor college student that I am, right now my dreams of a beautifully decorated house are just dreams, but I love owls... and birds in general. Probably evidenced by the birds that are quickly becoming a theme in mine and Derek's upcoming wedding (four months until on Wednesday, folks!). Anyway, he is adorable, but I don't quite have the money for the $12.98 he costs. Maybe he'll go on sale someday? Til then, I'll keep up my window shopping. It is a fun past-time.

Photo Source: Owl found here!

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