Sunday, 29 January 2012

Redesign: Coffee Table

So, Lana, Vickie, and I have this really ugly coffee table (though recently I moved it to the side of the room in order to put a much lighter, nicer-looking table in as the coffee table. The move opened up the living room, making it feel like we have more space in there.

But anyway! That's not the reason for my blogging. One day (a couple days ago) I was reading on Young House Love and I was inspired to change up the look of the (old) coffee table.

See, this is what it looks like now: big, blah, and brown.

My plan? Paint the majority of the wood a lovely blue green colour to tie in with the exorbitant amount of blue in the room, but with a bit of an interesting flair. In order to keep the big brown box from turning into a big blue/green box, I'm painting the trim white. I'll probably also replace the handles with something a little more updated. 

So far the work that I've done has included spending hours upon hours sanding the darn thing (turns out that hand sanding that fake wood covering is very difficult) and spray painting most of the trim white (with spray paint we already had, which means it was free!). I'm excited for how it's going to turn out, though I have to get it done before Wednesday because on Wednesday I'm going to Winkler for surgery on my shoulder, which probably means my arm will be out of commission for at least a month. Yay. Being a gimp again.

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