Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wedding Sneak Peek: Invitations

Well, with four months until the day, as of yesterday, I figured it was about time that I start slipping little bits on information about the wedding out to you lovely people! Since we've sent out the invitations already, I figured it would be ok to show them here. I've taken my roommates invitation to show you the work that Derek and I did. Yes, we made them by hand. Crazy? Yes. Beautiful and personal? Yes.

This is the envelope. A lovely shade of purple to go with our colour scheme of lavender, green, brown, and ivory.

The invitation itself was an interesting process of coming to being. We took our idea from two different invitations that we found, and adapted them to be more like us. Here's one of them, found at the website/blog of wedding photographer Jodi Miller. And the second we found on Etsy.

I spent all of my fall break week, as well as some time before and after, creating the invitations. The process consisted of tea-dying the cardstock used for the base of the invitation, stamping the bird stamp onto a separate sheet of cardstock, cutting it out and sticking it onto the original, cutting and tying the ribbons, cutting out the birds and figuring out how to make them pop, etc.

On the inside of the invitation, we glued two envelopes to hold all the pieces of information needed. We also glued little pieces of doilies to make the envelopes look a little bit nicer (behind the invitation you can see a couple flowers - flowers just like those will be included in my wedding bouquet!).

Derek designed a map of the streets in Winnipeg leading to our wedding location (where both the ceremony and the reception will be) and even wrote out a poem to let our guests know all the important information (though, on the back of that particular paper, things were lined out in clearer terms).

 We also included pre-stamped and addressed RSVP cards to simplify the process for people responding (and thus also to hopefully make sure everyone responded by our RSVP date). The last thing to be included in the invitation was a photograph from our FREE engagement photoshoot done by our amazing photographer, Nghia Tran (check out his website here.) So that's it! What do you think? Would you ever consider making all your invitations by hand?

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