Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tour 2012 - Esther

Late Monday night, my drama team from school returned to Steinbach after eight days touring parts of western Canada with our self-written play on Esther. We went as far as Picture Butte, Alberta, performing at churches, youth groups, and Christian schools. With at least one performance every day, and several days of nine or ten hour drives in an Astro van, tour was gold. We went to The Cave (a restaurant in Saskatoon with, as Terry said, overpriced, bad food and awkward atmosphere):

Picture of the front entrance found here.

We also saw The Pirates: Band of Misfits (by the same people who created Chicken Run and Wallace and Grommit), which we all agreed reflected our humor. In fact, we also found that the Jungle Jam children's radio tapes could have been written by us. It was odd, but entertaining, of course.

As a team we created video-logs (vlogs) for each day of tour. I have included the links here. They will do a much better job of showing our tour than I can. I'm not sure where the last two are, but when they're up, I'll post them. 

Day 3: Songs of Forgiveness -
Day 5: Day of Nothingness -
Day 6: Songs of Sightseeing -

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