Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wedding Sneak Peak: Update on the Dress!

Well, I thought I ought to share a bit more of the story of THE DRESS. No, not my wedding dress, though of course that's what most people would assume when I mention a dress. What I'm talking about is the infamous BRIDESMAID DRESS. Seriously, if there were no other reasons for never getting married again (aka. I'm completely in love with my man and totally believe in the "till-death-do-us-part" idea) I would never, ever have another wedding because of these darn dresses!
What I said in the last post on this was that my roommate/maid-of-honor - Lana - and I had finally found her dress. Situations happened that made it complicated to order it, but we did. And it was wonderful. Until of course, I didn't realize that the company was sending it with FedEx, and FedEx didn't realize that I didn't have a door buzzer for the apartment, and when I saw the slip on the door to the apartment building saying that a FedEx package had arrived, I thought that the slip said it was a package for apartment #306 (I'm #305). Yep. It was wonderful until then.
So, you know, a month goes by, and I start to wonder where the dress is. Should have arrived AGES ago. Eventually, I decide to search my email to see if they included a tracking number. And guess what. Turns out FedEx brought it to our apartment weeks before! I'm pretty sure I almost threw up from frustration.

Remember this picture from last time? It was about a thousand times worse. 

Of course, the best thing about this was, that I figured it out about a minute before I had to leave for work. So who did I call? 


Well, no. Actually I called Derek... But he was way better then any three ghost-busting guys from the 80s. He called FedEx for me, then the company from whom we ordered the dress, figured out how to get them to resend it to us, and even used his credit card again. Everything was wonderful. I worked with a smile.
Until the next morning when I checked my email and read over the message from the company that said that our order was cancelled. Like... seriously? What in the world? I swear, life is out to get me.

But, like all stories, this one had a happy ending. Derek called them again (ah, my hero), and figured out that it was actually a promotion - where you get a free gift if you purchase the dress - that was cancelled. The dress arrived, and its now hanging in our closet waiting for the wedding day - and contrary to previous worries, it even fits her perfectly! Happy day.

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