Monday, 3 December 2012

Name That Thing

*ahem. That's the noise of an embarrassed Chana nervous of admitting that she's missed two whole weeks of blogging. After going for so long with steady posts! I actually got a couple months in there, guys, of steady, non-stop blogging. Man. It was a nice feeling. I'm going to blame the fact that winter hit Manitoba on my lack of posting, I mean, seriously, when you have a foot of snow outside, and it's -20, and it's only mid-November, you gotta get some blues. Not even Christmas music could make that better... Well, Christmas music makes almost everything better, so maybe... *hums jingle bells softly.

A lot has happened here in the past two weeks, and yet, at the same time, so much hasn't. The whole not-blogging-thing wasn't the only symptom of winter blues. I also managed to accomplish pretty much nothing in the home-fixing-up department. But, despite the lack of motivation with the snow pressing down on more than just my front lawn (I'm referring to my heart there... in case ya missed it. The snow presses down on my heart? Makes me sad? No? I'm still alone on this? Oh.) Derek and I have managed to get a thing or two done, like purchasing our new entry "table"!

Ta da! It's great. This is a shot I took of it the day we bought it (I sent it to Lana, because, you know, I tell her everything). We found it on Kijiji and picked it up from Winnipeg. It's real, solid wood, and it's a bit narrower than a normal dresser, though it still has TONS of storage (yay!) so it fits well in our entry. And no, it really doesn't look any better now. Actually. It kinda looks worse. It has, unfortunately, turned into a bit of "counter space storage" for the moment, mostly as we try to figure out what we're doing with everything. Since I'm currently working on my kitchen table (hopefully I'll finish that soon, so deets will be coming. Promise), everything that was on my kitchen table is no longer on my kitchen table. And also, Lana claimed our her coffee table, so we don't have that storage space. So... now everything ends up on our dresser.

But, we love that we actually have a piece of furniture that we bought as a "forever" piece. Sure, we have plans to sand her down and stain her a nice, dark colour (mocha, anyone?) but when we met her we fell in love, and we won't be parting with her any time soon. Maybe she needs a name, though. Sue? Lily? Suggestions, anyone?

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