Saturday, 17 November 2012

This Is How We Do It

Yesterday we had Jeremy and Adrienne over for supper, and once we'd eaten, the four of us went on a photo scavenger hunt together - following a list that the men had put together. There was a lot of fun, a lot of laughter, and a lot of Penner-esque ridiculousness (yes. those boys are crazy.... and it rubs off easily). We went all over Steinbach to collect shots of things like standing on a fire hydrant (probably illegal) and looking at the sun (somewhat difficult since it was night time... we ended up taking a picture of a Sunchip bag!). Here are some of the highlights. 

Fire hydrant photo bomb!:

In a shopping cart:

This was supposed to be in a snow bank... Derek thought it would be fun to put his head in the snow bank. ...:

We went to the mall because we needed a shot of us hugging a mannequin, and we ran into Patrick, Trudy, Kirsten, and Hannah... figured they were a pretty good group to do "awkwardest picture ever" with!:

And of course, for the "picture holding an animal" we stopped at the pet store, where they had adorable Min-Pin/Pug puppies... I didn't want to let her go and tried very hard to convince Derek that we ought to buy her right then and there. Thankfully(?) he's sensible and refused, though later he said that I was so cute that he was quite tempted to give in... maybe next time? She did kick me in the lip; and I was bleeding for quite awhile... but I thought that was fine!:

Picture of someone tripping - though this was "staged" it turned into a real trip, because seriously, they got me to be the "trip-y" and we all know that's going no where good... At least it looks realistic?:

Obligatory "girl lifting guy" shots:

And here's the Kung Fu fighting:

And the end, with a battle to the death:

And we finished it off with Slurpies (thanks, Jeremy!) because we're all Manitobans by now, and that's just what Manitobans do when it's below freezing outside (don't ask me why... I may live here and own a house here, but some of the traditions still don't make sense):

So, that's how we party here in Manitoba once the snow hits. What're all of you doing to try to make our six month long winter bearable? And for those of you who still see sunshine, what's it like where it's warm? You know I love to hear from you!

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