Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Bedroom Kinda Mood

No! Not that kind of mood. Clean thoughts, folks! Do any of you remember this post from way back in September when Derek and I first moved in? And this picture, of our bedroom, after we'd managed to dump all of our bedroom-ie stuff in a pile on the floor? Ah, the joys of moving. But yes, our bedroom did look like this once upon a time. 

And then it looked like this, after we moved the bed from being against one wall to the other, and got a bed-frame from Ikea, and you know, tidied. But, those purple walls still felt a little bit out of place in a master bedroom. 

So, after picking out a wall colour (Rockport Grey by Benjamin Moore, in CIL's interior paint - because it's no VOC and budget friendly!), I moved everything away from the walls. 

Then came down all the stuff on the walls, which ended up in the office/storage room/future closet/baby-eating room (yes, it has all of those names... and probably more that I've simply forgotten. Nursery? No. I'm not pregnant. Most of these are future tense). 

Then came taping off all the stuff that would be hard to paint nicely without tape. For the most part, I don't actually do much taping off, because I tend to be very steady-handed, but there are places (like the corner that I'm showing you) that would be next to impossible to do neatly without tape. Yes, this picture has paint on the walls already... I got a bit carried away. And then remembered to take pictures. Yes, painting makes me excited. 

The first part of my painting ritual consists of doing all of the cutting in. Which is what I call the hard part.

It probably takes me about two or three times as long to do the cutting in as it does to do all the rolling. It's tiring and makes my shoulders and arms hurt. And doing around the ceiling is the worst. Absolute worst. Still haven't figured out what to do with the paint can while I'm working around the ceiling. Mostly, I just put it somewhere central and do lots and lots and lots of stepping on and off the stool that I use to reach the ceiling.

Ah. Rolling in. You're so wonderfully peaceful.

And here it is, finished. I love, love, love it. The bedroom feels so much more moody, and peaceful at the same time. The purple really wasn't doing it for me. Now, the bedroom actually feels like it could be inhabited by a grown up husband and wife. #accomplishment. Though, that owl pillow doesn't really fit with the whole adult feel. But we have a serious lack of throw pillows in the house, so I'll get over it. I'm thinking, though, a nice dark, dark purple pillow? To go nicely with the bed cover? Though the yellow also works. A different yellow pillow, without an owl? I love the owl pillow - I made it - but I more imagine it in a nursery or children's room some day... 

Another view. You can't actually see into the hallway in any of these shots, but the bedroom wall colour really goes nicely with the hallway/bathroom colour. It's something of a darker, moodier version of what is out there. It really creates a nice cohesive feeling as you move from one room to another. Three spaces down, six more to go (not including the basement and closets and stuff)! Speaking of closets, doesn't that closet stick out like a sore thumb now? I think it's time to hang a curtain... Something white and flowy, or perhaps we'll get some curtains for the window, and we'll just use the same material for the closet door? Or I could just paint the inside of the closet, including the bar and the shelf, and that would probably make it look much nicer. Hmm.. what colour, then, would I use? Musing... musing...

And here's actually what we have facing us while lying on the bed. I don't have any before pictures from this angle, but they weren't much different. It's definitely still a work in progress - gotta do something with that dresser, reupholster the chair, put some art on the wall, maybe find a bigger mirror, etc. - but that's the great thing about our quirky house: it's constantly changing and there's constantly things to work on... And blog about! Probably, blog about much more than I do, but that's fine. I got two in this week and that makes me happy!

The painted bedroom also makes me happy. Love it.

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