Wednesday, 27 February 2013

So Close

It's Pinterest challenge time! Yay! Woo! #noisemakers #partybanners #etc. 

This is the completely unofficial, weeklong scurrying, DIY, get-off-your-bum fest "hosted" by Sherry and Katie where hundreds (thousands?) of bloggers get together and share everything that they created based on things they pinned on Pinterest!

I participated this time (unlike the fall version where I meant to participate... and then didn't quite get to the "get-off-your-bum" part) and I'm pumped about how far I got on my project... because, unfortunately, I didn't quite get it finished. I mostly blame that on the fact that I didn't actually get the majority of the needed materials until Sunday evening. I tried to get them before that, but Steinbach's lack of craft stores kinda prevented that. I did search! Lana can attest to that. We went everywhere in town that we could think of; I eventually got the materials at Michaels in Winnipeg (I was there for training for my new job at Staples!) but even still, I had to visit both Michaels in town. It was an adventure. And by adventure, I actually mean a stressful speeding between the two stores because I got out of work with only 20 minutes to spare before they both closed. 

You might be wondering what I'd be searching for that would take such slave-like labour persistence, so I'll show you: 

Thirty-five of them in fact. Bonkers. Why do I need thirty-five wooden squares? Because I'm making a chalkboard calendar! #happyhummingtune. I've loved these things since I first saw them, and I've been wanting to make one just as long.  

Pretty. But as I was browsing photographs doing some research, I came across a couple versions that I loved especially, aka: these below. 

I love the setup of the one on the right... those rounded corners, but I wasn't sure how'd I'd make them, since frog tape isn't exactly known for it's rounded abilities. And then I found the one on the left. Wood blocks! Brilliant. Thirty-five of them later...


First things first, I had to sand them down since they were basic, semi-rough blocks. Definitely needing some work. I used 200 grit sand paper, so I didn't really strip it down so much as just smooth things out. I actually used my sanding block, but you know, sometimes taking pictures of myself doing things doesn't always end up entirely realistic, what with not having enough hands and all.

So I sanded things down and then I set to work painting. I started off painting them by hand. I got one done and put it down, looked at the remaining thirty-four... and then I remembered that God had invented a wonderful thing called spray paint...

Ah. So much better.

A half-bottle of primer and a full bottle of Rustoleum's Universal gloss white later and I had this. Well, actually, that's not true I was a little bit behind this, because I ran out of paint. Lame. But that was okay, because Derek stepped in to help me out. I had to give each block a light sanding (because some dust had somehow collected on them while I was spraypainting them, leaving an unpretty finish) and then paint the edges by hand. Derek did the sanding, and I did the painting. And we rushed because it was after 1:00 when we started, and we only had until 4:00... and I was secretly hoping to have things completed and up on the wall by then. I can dream, right?

But, I did get to paint them all with magnetic paint before we left for play practice. Magnetic paint is really weird. When I started mixing it up, there was just this giant chunk of really, really heavy stuff sitting at the bottom of the can beneath a sort of oil-like mixture. And it stank. Really, really bad. I still have a headache from painting with it. 

Because I was rushing, I didn't frog tape any of the blocks, and so I ended up with a little bit of black paint on some of the white bits. *sigh. So, now I need to go over them again and do some touch ups. Shows me for rushing, eh? And I still need to buy some actual chalkboard paint and some Command strips to stick these up with.

But even with all that left to do, I'm still really proud about how much I got done so far, especially now that I'm working full time. It feels so great to be accomplishing house things and bringing in the money that I need to do them! Plus, I'm sure Derek appreciates that I now can support myself in my DIY adventures, you know, instead of having our grocery money going to it. I feel a "Hey Girl" meme coming on.

But as much as you've enjoyed this (and I know you have!), go and check out what the real stars of the show did: Sherry, Katie, Megan, and Michelle. Thanks for reading guys. And maybe during the Spring challenge, I'll actually complete the project on time... and maybe you'll participate?

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