Monday, 25 February 2013

Art work!

Today I sat at my laptop, prepared to spin out a wonderful post about amazing things... and I found myself wracking my brain for what I could write about. I'm sure there are things, but have I finally worked through all of my stored up photographs begging to be released onto the world wide web? It seems so. For once, I have fewer completed projects than I have blogging-ness. Question mark that sentence. I mean, that being said, I still have probably a hundred ten projects that are sort of half done, and I'll get to those eventually. Though, most likely not this week.

For those of you who don't know, I just got a new job: at Staples! It's very exciting; I'm pumped. The job was not at all what I was expecting, because they brought me in to interview me for working in the aisles, but apparently, I impressed them so much, that they hired me for tech! Because they think I can sell things? I was really intimidated at first (and I still feel pretty inadequate to be working with tech!) but it seems that I'm a pretty natural salesperson. Who'da thunk? Certainly not me!

Anyway, now I'm working between 30-35 hours a week there, plus my 4 hours a week at Superstore. Which is great! It's exactly what Derek and I were hoping for. Except that this week, I'm working 16 hours at Superstore... And 30 hours at Staples... and then if you add in class time (Wednesday for 6 1/2 and Friday for 3). Pretty much the only time I won't be doing anything is when I'm sleeping. Which I won't even be doing that much of. So, unfortunately my fun little blogging habit and my obsession with DIY is going to have to take a backseat this week. *sadface

But I do have a post for today! Besides just me rambling on about my awesome new job, and how awesome I seem to be at it (again, shock and awe, people. I was seriously not expecting this!). Actually, this project was "completed" but needed to be posted about. So, I guess I have a couple of those left still. But I actually had to take all the pictures right before I wrote this, so, you know, it wasn't like I had things all saved up and ready to be posted about! Right? Right.

Okay, so do you guys remember this? Of course you do; I gushed about it for like. Forever. Anyway. This is my frame collage that hangs out (totally a pun; totally intentional) on the wall across from our big couch. I hung up the frames in preparation for our Arsenic and Old Lace Halloween party, and then ended up loving them so much that I left them on the wall. Empty.

Except, see look, now they're not all empty!

In fact, three of the frames are now filled with wonderful, unique art. *happysigh. It's pretty much fantastic. Oo, also, while I was taking the pictures for this post, I decided to get all "artistic" with my little point-and-shoot, so be prepared for more photos!

Only one of the items added was actually meant as "art" but even that is pushing things a bit. I'm pretty sure the creator didn't intend for us to shove it in a frame and throw it up on our living room wall!

Numero uno and numero dos were both from our New Orleans trip. One of them was free, and one of them we picked up for $.50 Isn't that simply fantastic? I thought so. I mean, honestly, who doesn't love art that not only looks fantastic, but is less than a dollar? I love it. You do too, I'm sure. 

Our first item of cheap "art" we got from the fantastic and delicious Cafe Du Monde (where we ate beignets, and I actually discovered coffee that I like drinking!). This was actually their take-out bag, that I just cut down to size and put in the frame.

Oh, I felt so brilliant when I did that! I plan on giving it a mat eventually, but I find those things soooo hard to cut nicely, so I've been putting it off. But I really think that a mat will take it from "bag placed in frame" to " fantastic, personable art".

The second item we didn't even intend to get, but in our effort to get some items for our travel jar (oo! that's another post that I can write about: mental storage - check) we had to get some change, and in a little gift shop we found this for, as I said, $.50, and we figured, hey: why not? It looks great up there, and it's actually post card, so that's a fun little fact to remember: check out post cards when you travel. Might just find something to frame!

Finally, we have some art that I only added just last week. It's actually the February "page" of a calendar that I found on Etsy. The entire calendar is made of gorgeous photographs of various places in Europe, and I definitely have some plans for them for even after 2013 is done. 

London bridge: I plan on going there someday.

So, that's my post today. But before I go, I have a question. Okay, scroll back up to the shots of all the frames, and answer me this: should I paint another frame completely black? I feel like that single black frame feels out of place. If you think I should, which one? I'm leaning toward the one on the far right. But I'd love some thoughts? Thanks guys; I love you all.

Oo, also, did any of you catch the double meaning of the title? I thought it was pretty clever. Ahh. I'm such a nerd.

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