Saturday, 22 September 2012

Moving Excitement!

Well, it sure has been awhile since I posted anything on here (note: it's been a over a month). So, I figured I should get on that blogging thing, and what else would I write about besides the craziest biggest thing in our lives write now: moving!

Right now my house is a complete disaster: boxes everywhere, half packed piles of things, tape and markers hanging out on all spare surfaces (and the floor in some cases). It's like there was an explosion with my house and a Tim Hortens box factory (because that's where we got all the boxes - for free even!). I've never really done this whole move-my-entire-life-all-at-once thing before. Sure I moved over a province, but we've moved my stuff so slowly, a little more each time, it was never quite like this.

In this process, I've continually wished that Lana was here to help (and though I've spent the past week with her, it was in Alberta, not the wreck that is our apartment!). So alas, while Lana is in Alberta, I am left to organize, sort, and pack up our entire existence. Now, Derek, of course, has played his part - in providing the money to make the move possible, not by helping in the packing department.

But of course, let me stop lamenting the moving process and tell you all about the house that Derek and I are moving into on Wednesday! (We get the keys on Tuesday, but my friend Anja and I will be cleaning the place from top to bottom that day, so the moving procedure will be the next day). When Derek and I first started talking about buying a house - or rather when I first started talking TO Derek about buying a house - I'm pretty sure we weren't even married yet! We came up with a plan to wait until January, when our lease at the apartment was up. But, pretty much as soon as the honeymoon was over, we were looking at real-estate magazines, and I was browsing various websites. Whenever we'd drive around town, I'd keep an eye out for "For Sale" signs. After not very long, Derek and I decided to meet with a local real-estate agent to check out a house that was completely adorable from the outside. Though the house was out of our range, and it turned out we didn't like it nearly as much from the inside, the house hunt continued.

Sometime in June or July (I forget the exact date!) we met our current real-estate agent, Elma Friesen and went to see three houses with her. As soon as we stepped into the second one, we knew we'd found it. A little four bedroom right near "downtown". The pink tub, stuccoed ceilings, and bright yellow exterior had us at hello! Well, to be honest, those weren't our favourite features, but the house promised a challenge - as well as the potential for something spectacular for someone who gave it some love.

So without further ado, our house (so, so, so pumped for Wednesday... both us and the house!):

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