Sunday, 23 September 2012

On the Hunt

So, you may well know me enough to know that in this whole buying a house process, I've been planning out all my crazy ideas for what to do with the place. One thing I've been thinking about is the kitchen. I would luuuurve a stainless steel (or some other kind of metal) island with a butcher block top. Our kitchen is so tiny, that the added working and storage space would be perfect. Of course, because the kitchen is so tiny, we'll need something that is narrow, and very open so as to keep the room feeling open. So, off I went on the hunt! However, most models I could find - that actually look nice - are upwards of $1000... Either that or they aren't really what I'm looking for - all stainless, or all wood, or some really weird combination that looks nothing like what I imagine!

Like for instance, there's this one from Bellacor, which is gorgeous - gotta love those curves! - but is over $1500 (cue the sad music):

Or there's this one from William Sonoma, but even saying that name makes me wince, knowing the price tags that come. Guess how much? Almost $2000... And though I do really like the grid work, it kind of eliminates the extra storage space - since Derek and I don't drink that much wine:

There's this one from West Elm for $500, and while it has the metal and wood elements going on, they're backwards of what I'm hoping for. And besides, $500 is still way more than I'd like to spend:

And besides these, there were a variety of other "options" that were closer to our price range, but just so wrong, like these herehere, or here. *sadface. Was it time to give up? And just as I was about to give up on my very disappointing search, I ended up at Ikea, and I saw this

And immediately I thought to myself, well hello there lovely! Such shiny, straight lines, such storage space (can't you just imagine a towel hanging from those side bars?), such perfection! And it's only $229, which still isn't cheap, but is less than half the price than even the afore mentioned West Elm island. I could have bought it on the spot! ...except that it doesn't have a pretty wood top. Were my dreams of steel and wood to be dashed forever? No! For in the face of such a dark hour, I had the most brilliant idea: why not DIY a butcher block top? People install counter tops all the time. So, that's the plan - after we move in, redo the kitchen, and I research how to install a butcher block onto a flat metal surface...

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