Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Contrapment Is Not a Word

My dear favourite bloggers, John and Sherry Petersik of Young House Love, have an ongoing blogging/DIY/home decor challenge that they like to call "Dude, Get on that Already". Well, honestly, it's not so much a challenge as just a labelling of whenever they do something that really, really should have been done ages ago. And I mean ages. I like to believe that because they also have been known to let a project sit a bit too long before "getting on it" that we're secretly kindred spirits. Even though they probably have no idea who I am! Is that creepy? Maybe....

Anyway. All of this was to give an opening to a project that I did that I really should have done three months ago when we first moved it. Because, honestly: it took my five minutes. Not even joking.

Okay, time for a bit of a gross picture: here's the underside of our kitchen sink. I suppose its not really all that gross, but if you're squeamish or think that people should keep their cupboard doors closed at all times, I apologize. You can see on the left that the door has a garbage contrapment on it. It came with the house. Which would have been awesome, except that I grew up with a mother who didn't keep the garbage under the sink, and I've always liked doing it that way too. So. On to the issue. See that clear tupperware bin? Yeah. That's our recycling bin. We have a big blue one, but it's outside, so we like to have a second one for inside just so we don't have to go out into the cold every time we need to recycle something.

Now, unfortunately, with the garbage can contrapment, and the recycling bin, the cupboard door didn't close. Not even close. Close up shot of how much the door didn't close. That much. See?

The solution? Take the garbage can contrapment off the cupboard door. It's been something I've known I should do since we moved in. Three months later... Literally all it took was to remove four screws that held it in place and to chuck it into our big outside garbage bin. Five minutes, tops. I checked.

And look at that. The door actually closes. It's a miracle. If only it were that easy to raise the counters a couple inches so that I didn't have to bend halfway over to wash the dishes...

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