Wednesday, 23 January 2013

RIP #3

On Monday, a near tragedy occurred. On the wall by Derek's side of the bed, there is some art hanging: a print of Manitoba, some paint chip art, and a couple wall vases. As I was making the bed, I accidentally brushed up against one of the vases, and it almost fell off the wall. Thankfully, I caught it. And tragedy was averted. However, this is not the first time that tragedy nearly struck the Penner Casa in regards to these vases. That time, we were not so lucky. May you rest in peace, dearly departed vase #3. And with almost another death facing me, I decided it was time to move these breakable beauties to another corner of the room. 

Drumroll please. Ta-dah! It didn't take me very long to shift them over to an unfortunately bare spot of wall just above my nightstand. The corner had been calling for some attention, and it was high time I answered the call! Now they are much safer, being snug in a corner, and blocked from accidental brushings by their good friend, Mr. Nightstand the bouncer. 

However, their departure from their previous home left that wall feeling bare and forlorn. Sure, we have some great homemade artwork (and there are more details on the gradient here), but I could just feel that empty space like someone had cut off one of my hands! Well, perhaps that's exaggerating just a little bit, but then again, hyperbole is a great writer's tool! Even Jesus used it. 

Well, faced with said terrible dilemma, I needed to find a solution, and stat. Thankfully, right across the closet door hung two homemade paintings that I'd put there when looking to balance out the above (see first picture) collection. How appropriate, then, that they would be the solution to yet another issue with the art in my bedroom. In the end, I think I like the current display(s) much more than how things were before. And the super breakable items are in a much less breakable place. Oh, and sorry that this last photo is black and white. I tried to take one just before writing this post and it turned out to be a really weird pinky colour. Strange. So, I just BW'd it to get rid of the problem all together!

One of the great things about art, especially in a house that's constantly evolving like this one, is that it's so easy to move around. So long as your house has a consistent "theme" or "feeling" to it, art can even be switched in and out of different rooms. So long as you're okay with the whole putting it up (and covering up old holes) process, than new art - even if its just from a different room - can be a very easy way to make rooms feel fresh when they're starting to feel boring or old. Throw pillows are also great at this too!

Oh, and in case you're wondering what I put up in place of the paintings, you'll just have to exercise your patience and wait and see, won't you!

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