Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy, Sleepy

I was up late last night... Like, the early kind of late. You see, sometimes a person is awake for so long that what was once late is now early morning. That was me last night. And it wasn't intentional. I think I'm getting sick. I find that every winter a "something" seems to go around. Our mothers told us it was because we didn't bundle up enough when we went outside, which definitely could contribute: body working too hard, not enough energy for your immune system, etc. But I actually think it's because we all go inside and cluster together in heated environments. Aka, lots of people, heat... perfect breeding ground for all kinds of nasty bugs. And so, we end up with "something-going-around". Please tell me that if ever there's some kind of world-wide plague that we won't stick all the sick people together. I'm pretty sure that'll just make a super-plague. It's like getting a bunch of the world's worst bad guys to raise a child and seeing what happens to the child. I'll tell ya. The next Hitler, that's what.

Anyway. I think I'm going to be in a bit of a weird mood for this post. Oh, did I mention that even though I wasn't originally working today my manager called me at 8:15 and asked me if I could come into work? *sigh. There went any hope of sleeping in. I'm working today too. And by today, I meant tomorrow. It's the sleep, and the headache, and well... as many of you know, I just tend to say one word when I meant something completely different. And yes, I could have fixed that. I actually almost did, but I'm trying to keep it real, you know? And right now real is a very tired, very head-achey Chana who can't seem to type the write words.

In the middle of all this complaining about my first-world problems, let me say that a few good things happened today. Namely, hanging out with my dearest Lana for several hours after work, getting my first paycheque (and immediately watching it disappear into bills... wait: that's not a good thing), and getting to cuddle with my hubby as we fall asleep... as soon as I'm done this post. And for the purpose of this post, besides the obligatory rambling, let me introduce to you the things that I picked up today for $3.50. That's total. Go MCC.

Number one, a $2 vase that was actually the majority of the cost. Fantastic shape. Hideous colour. But, just in case you were wondering, spray paint does wonders. This lovely lady would look so much better in a shiny, crisp white. Or maybe I'll be daring and add a bit of teal or bright yellow to my house. Or I could just stick with white. I like white. Besides, isn't that kitchen yellow enough? (Hopefully not for long! I have painting plans!)

Fantastical item number two! You must know something about me, and I'll let you in right now (in case any of you have any inclination to send a present or two my way? Belated Christmas? Hmm?), I really don't like most of the original packaging that food comes in. All those bright, ugly boxes and whatnot. So, my goal is to turn my kitchen into a place where when I come home from the grocery store, I simply unload the groceries into their pre-appointed pretty jars, tins, boxes, etc. and throw away the ugly packaging. Enter $1 cork lid jar from MCC. I'm thinking he might be great as a place for hot chocolate powder? Complete with a short and stocky spoon to match his short and stocky appearance?

And items number three and four: two stemless wineglasses that were $.25 each. Love a deal like that. I would have been even happier if there had been four, but Derek and I are just the two of us at the moment, so I'll get by. The funniest thing was that I was looking at their collection of glasswear, thinking to myself, I doubt they'd have any stemless wineglasses... and then I saw these. Magnific! I have some very exciting plans for these to make them even more interesting. Think Anthropologie-esque. I can't wait. I might even get on it tomorrow!

And that's it for my recent purchases. I love that at a thrift store $3.50 can add so much fun and wonder to a house. And I love that my stocky jar has a cork lid. That's why I got him, just so you know. Mmm. Happy, sleepy Chana is off to go snuggle. Night folks, and thanks for reading.

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