Saturday, 26 January 2013

Paint. Paint. Paint.

Paint. Paint. Paint. Paint. I think the fumes are going to my head. Probably. Seems like every day I'm heading to Canadian Tire or another local shop to buy some paint. And I'm not even sure where it's all going, because shouldn't there be way more blog posts about paint around here? Yeah. I got a couple up my sleeve, but you'll all have to be patient. Because apparently I'm not fantastic at keeping up with the everyday posting thing. Except in this case. I'm posting, and I totally know where this paint went (though technically I bought this particular paint awhile's ago). 'Cause I see it every time I move from one room to another. Check it out, yo. It's ma hallway. (I'm feelin' gangster.)

Yup. It's a regular ol' boring white hallway. And don't worry, Mother, the dresser is no longer there. It's not even in the house, because Derek and I are great and keeping things clean around here, what! Ever since I painted the bathroom back in November, I've been really itching to spread its lovely colour further into my home. Except, you know me, and even if I'm all like, yes I want to do this! "This" doesn't tend to happen until much later. Mmm... Procrastination. My "favourite" hobby.

But after returning from our cruise I felt a sudden burst of "let's get 'er done"ness and voila, out came the paint and the roller, and a trusty garbage bag to keep it all contained. I don't really do the whole drop cloth thing, because for me it's more work than it's worth. I don't tend to drip paint (though, my darling hubby does whenever he tries to help out; last time he did, we ended up stripping him down so he wouldn't get paint on his clothes... not successfully. It's okay, he's reading this as I write it) so a garbage bag under the can and tray is really all I need.

It actually took me two days to complete. I did the majority of the cutting in last Tuesday, but then with life and stuff (who has one of those, right?) I didn't have time to do all the rolling. But hey! That's what Wednesdays are for. Oh, but it was totally worth it, even with the sore neck and back painting the ceiling left me with. Because, I have to say that this hallway went from boring and blah, to sleek and chic. Photo fest time.

I really do love that it's the same colour as the bathroom, because it really ties those two small spaces together. I find that in smaller, more cramped homes, it's really good to keep paint colours consistent because it makes it seem like it actually flows, as opposed to being choppy and broken up.

I did paint the ceiling the same colour as the walls, just like I did in the bathroom. I considered leaving it white, but I loved the look in the bathroom, and, again, because it's such a small space, I feel like having the walls and ceiling the same colour keeps them feeling open and airy. Now I just need a better light for in there! Seriously, who just puts a bare bulb up on the ceiling in a place that isn't a basement?

One of my favourite things about the new colour is how much it makes the trim pop. Before, the trim seemed to just blend in with the boring white walls. But now, even though the trim is still beat up and seriously needs a fresh coat of paint, it doesn't look nearly as rough, because of the contrast. I can't wait to see what it looks like when the trim is actually refreshed and re-painted!

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