Saturday, 3 November 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace

I thought it was about time that I got around to editing and sharing the pictures from the Halloween party! Honestly, I don't take a lot of pictures when I'm doing something - probably because the camera I have is terrible (I think my cell phone camera might be a bit better?) - but I always find that one of the hardest obstacles to getting posts done on time is the task of editing. Which also isn't that difficult - guess it just goes to prove that I'm at heart a procrastinator, eh?

But on to the good stuff! Lana and I spent literally hours working on our Arsenic and Old Lace party! The party was the Friday before Halloween, so on the Thursday, Lana and I made stops at the MCC thrift store, Dollarama, and Superstore to get supplies. We'd already planned out a menu, as well as what we wanted to do for decor, but we still had to find everything. And since we'd decided to try out some all new recipes, we actually spent the most time at the grocery store, searching for the ingredients!

Friday morning and eight'o'clock rolled around, and I pulled myself out of bed to get dressed (in my dress of course!) and to tidy the house, before Lana came over at nine, so that we could go out to grab all the last few things that we'd forgotten the day before. It was about eleven'o'clock when we started prepping the food. We really wanted to have more of an autumn feel to the food, as opposed to guts and blood, and tons of candy. Originally when we made the menu, it was way bigger than what we ended up with, but as it was, we made sweet chili wings, lemon pepper wings, apple-cinnamon scones, apple cider, caramel and candy apples, roasted pumpkin seeds, sweet potato fries (with chipotle mayo), and these delicious pumpkin, raisin, and feta cheese stuffed pastries. There were also obligatory mini-chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds... and sorry if I'm forgetting anything, but I think you get the picture. 

Mmm... boiling candy for the candy apples. We thought it looked a bit like blood... perfect for Halloween!

The party was themed after a hilarious play called Arsenic and Old Lace, the story of a young man who travels to stay with his two spinster aunts, who have a hobby of taking in lonely old men and poisoning them and burying them in the basement (which is kind of funny, because we're pretty sure our basement is haunted - the weird water issues... just waiting for the ceiling to start bleeding. Believe me, if you're over and start hearing screams from down there.... just... run), and his uncle who believes that he's Teddy Roosevelt. So, of course, Lana and I were the spinster old ladies, and we transformed my house into a place fitting of two crazy old ladies, with lace and candles everywhere.

Our decanters of "poisoned" apple cider.

We had somewhere between ten and fifteen people in total, and we played games, enjoyed the food, and just hung out. Lana and I were so proud of how things looked! We left the lights off, and let the candles be the lighting for the living room and kitchen (we closed off the doors to the other rooms, because well... the bedroom was rather less than decorated - it was, in fact, where all of the decorations and furniture from the living room that didn't fit with the theme ended up).

My wedding bouquet even got to play a part in the evening, because of course dead flowers are fitting in the house of two crazy old ladies who kill people for fun!

We even lined the staircase to upstairs with candles and lace - though we forbid people from going up it, because... well, I'm not a fan of the idea of setting my house on fire. We have enough trouble with water in the basement - don't need to deal with fire damage too!

Derek dressed up in his grandfather's suit (pretending to be a vacuum salesman), and we flirted all evening. Well, actually, I flirted with him and he acted like he was really uncomfortable with it, and had no idea who I was. It was a hoot. We're such a weird couple... Though, maybe not quite as odd as this lovely couple. When they walked in together, believe me, we were all amazed. This is Derek's brother, Jeremy and his lovely girlfriend, Adrienne. Aren't they adorable? Love those guys.

So that was some of how we made Arsenic and Old Lace come to life in our house last week. Lana and I definitely decided afterwards that next time we do a party, however, we'll have to include some food like salsa and chips - where all the work that's required is to open the package and put them in bowls. And we're gonna try to buy less of our ingredients - and work more with what we already have. Seriously, Derek and I weren't in bed until after one'o'clock - because, of course, we cleaned up after the party... Oi. But on to planning for a Christmas party! See you guys then! *wink.

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