Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Trial and Error

So last week I shared how I completely failed at finishing the Pinterest challenge, but managed to paint some art. I even managed to share pictures with you all of the not so completed work. Yeah. Yeah, I know. Sloppy blogmanship (blog-womanship?) right there. But today you get to see the "finished" art, and you get to see how - being the slightly fickle person that I am - I decided to completely redo one of the pieces.

So, here's the one I re-did. As you can see, I'd already started doing it over before I remembered that I ought to take a picture. So, if you scroll down past that top row of dots, you can see what it ended up looking like - or, rather, started looking like before I took to it with paint and brush in hand.

And here's what it ended up looking like: much more structured and "cutesy". The cutesy makes me wonder if it might do better in a place that wasn't our bedroom? Or maybe once the walls are a nicer colour (not pale lavender...) it won't look so little girl-room esque.

Though, even though I'm questioning my choices of colour, it does have a really cool mosaic feel to it... Maybe I'll try it again with some moody greys and more muted colours? Or perhaps I'll just put this away somewhere, and when we eventually have a baby girl it can go in her nursery...

I'm guessing you can tell by now that I'm always a bit indecisive about the art that I do. I guess you could say that I simply haven't done enough to feel confident that the pieces I create are even close to good. But I do enjoy it, and trial and error is always a good teaching tool! So here's to trial, and crossed fingers - hoping things turn out the way you imagine.

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