Thursday, 8 November 2012

First Things First

I would like to introduce you all to my brand new bathroom! Well, okay. It's hardly brand new, but it almost looks that way! Today I spent my entire day... painting it! Ta dah!

We used a lovely greige (that's grey/beige, for anyone confused by my combination of two words) to both lighten up and open up our tiny little bathroom. I love the colour, because depending on the lighting, it has so many awesome undertones. It can look blue, or purple, or beige. Really just depends on it's mood, I suppose. Now, unfortunately, my camera doesn't have a very wide angled lens, so I can't actually take pictures of the whole room, but I do have a few comparisons of individual spots, so you can see the difference!

Here is the shot of my painting with the original wall colour (a weird reddish-brown colour that could either look like dried blood... or poop... on a particularly bad day).

And here it is against the new backdrop. Oh, so much softer and calmer... and so much less like poop.

And here is another shot (with testing swatches) from near the sink. Are you understanding why the brown colour just wasn't fitting with my mojo? I mean, seriously. Who paint a tiny, tiny room such a gross, dark colour?

Ah... the same spot, but looking so much lovelier. I almost feel that our new paint even seems to make the sixty year old linoleum seem less glaringly ugly.... Though, I do have plans for that (I'm considering priming and painting it white. Anyone have any luck painting linoleum before? Or should I just get some stick on linoleum tiles instead?). 

Another shot of the new paint colour... I love how it looks with our charcoal grey bath mat. And it really ties together our towels/stool/shower curtain/mat in a way I wasn't even expecting. They actually look like they belong in the same room now. So amazing. Though, really... that yellow floor needs to go.

And though this isn't the best shot, you can see that I actually painted the ceiling the same colour. I've read that in small rooms, painting the ceiling the same colour as the walls really helps to open up the place. I think I agree. Believe me, our bathroom feels much more open than before. I guess one room down, six-ish (not including hallways) to go. 

Oh, and for anyone curious, we picked Wish by Benjamin Moore, though we got it in CIL's no VOC bathroom and kitchen paint (the satin finish, for something that's good for damp rooms - less mold and mildew).

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