Thursday, 15 November 2012

Fantastic and Free - November: Rearranging

It's about time I shared another one of these! This is a series I started back in September, when I did two weeks straight with one every day (it was a way to keep me excited about things even though Derek and I had almost no money in the bank). This month's edition had to do with just moving some of the things that I already owned around. We still have a number of items that don't have a place to live yet, so some of the items pictured here were sitting in boxes, but some of them were hanging out in a place where I just didn't quite love them. It's important to remember that decor accessories don't have to stay where you originally put them in your house! It can be really refreshing to just move a couple pieces around and see the difference it makes!

Yesterday when I shared the update about me painting the door and the linoleum, this is what my toilet - and the shelf above it - looked like: now, there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, it's clean, it's a modern shape (the toilet, I mean), there's a nice candle on the shelf... but I felt like it could use a bit of pizazz. 

The push to get that "pizazz" actually came when my dear hubby asked me what happened to the toilet paper basket. You see, up until about two weeks ago, we'd been storing a couple extra rolls in a basket on the top of the tank (there are some pictures of it in this post from way back when!) but I moved the basket two weeks ago to near the front door - because I needed something to corral the various odds and ends that sit by the door on their way out (movie rentals, cheques to deposit, mail, etc). Anyway, last night, after Derek went to bed, I trudged over to the bathroom to brush my teeth and I noticed that he'd put a couple rolls on the bottom shelf of our bathroom cabinet. I thought it was a fantastic idea! But it made the stuff we already had there feel crowded, so I decided it was finally time to implement a plan I'd had swimming in my head for awhile.

I quickly darted around the house, grabbing a few things as I went, namely a bright blue tray that I was given at the Ontario bridal shower. It took some playing around, but I ended up settling on an arrangement with a picture of the two of us from our first Christmas as a couple, a candle holder from Superstore (it had been in the bathroom already), a pinecone, and a couple of small dried flowers. 

I love the bright blue jewel tone of the tray, with the softer sea blue of the votive. And the pinecone really gives it that wintery feel...Though I'm wondering if it's weird for there to be a picture of us in the bathroom? Maybe I'll switch it out for something less... awkward.

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