Tuesday, 13 November 2012


To my extreme excitement, today John and Sherry's book (from Young House Love) arrived in the mail. I was beyond pumped. You may think I'm kidding, but I'm not. In fact, when I remembered after supper (which was delicious and cheap, by the way! 30% off steak, roasted potatoes, and grilled asparagus. Yum!) that the book might be arriving today, I darted from the house out into the cold and down a block to our mailbox - in Steinbach they don't have any mailboxes at the houses. It's weird. I know. And in fact, it had arrived! I rushed back home, and started to tear it open, and then realized that since I blog so much about home decor, I ought to document this, because I get so much inspiration and drive from reading John and Sherry's blog... so, reading their book will probably continue to inspire me to transform our quirky home!

First sighting of the book! Be still my beating heart!

Oh, and I also got Domino's book - Domino: The Book of Decorating because I've read lots and lots about how fantastic it is for inspiration. Yay for taking things off the internet and onto something you can hold and touch and feel! It's great to be collecting books that I feel will really be useful - not just fiction that once I've read it, sits on a shelf and collects dust. I imagine these books will end up worn and paint splattered as I peruse them and prop them open and flip through them to follow the pictures.

Close up!

And of course, how can I share about two home decor books without putting them on display in a shot? The book on top is The Art of Manliness, another fantastic non-fiction read, from the blog the Art of Manliness, which all men (and wives, and wives-to-be) should read. It's run by husband and wife: Brett and Kate McKay, whom Lana and I are convinced are secret Christians (they don't talk about their faith much on the blog, but we see snippets of it). But don't you love how the spines look together? I love it when books are both pretty and functional. Mmm... time to go do more reading!

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