Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #12: More Paint Chip Art

Lets start off by talking about the weather. Because that's always incredibly boring interesting (obviously!). Guess what it did here in bright, beautiful Steinbach today? 

It hailed. Because that makes sense on October 11. And then it snowed a bit. But then it just stayed miserably cold. Look! Hail! I took a picture to commemorate warm days. 

And then I made cookies. Shortbread cookies, to be precise. In fact, when I say shortbread, I mean the absolute best shortbread cookies that the world has ever seen! Normally I don't like baking. At all. But for these cookies, I'll make an exception. Plus. Then I get to wear my adorable apron that Lana and Vickie got for me as a "I'm-getting-married" present. 

Today I went to the local paint shop and picked up some paint chips. Partially because I was feeling that the previous paint chips I had were a bit too blue (that rhymed. kinda.), and I wanted something a little bit warmer.

But also because my free project would involve them! Paint chips are free, by the way. But you probably don't want the store owners to see you stuffing a hundred paint chips into your purse, so you might want to collect them slowly. Or become a ninja. Either option works. I'm in a weird mood right now. Did I mention that? This post might be a bit all over the place...

(Also, while I was at the paint store, to disguise my true purpose for being there - with my crazy ninja skills! - I picked up a $5 tester paint jar. In the grey that I think I'm going to use for the bathroom. I put some on the wall. Already it's looking better than that brown! Even though my paint brush wasn't working particularly well for some reason, so there's all kinds of streaks.)

But back to the free project! I organized the paint chips into a gradient, then picked out nine of them, and played with those until I found a pattern that I liked (obviously switching one or two of the original nine out, then back in again, then out again... etc.)

Then I taped them together with my handy dandy Frog Tape (weird mood... sorry)!

And I stuck 'em in a frame and hung it on my bedroom wall! As I said earlier, today's free post would involve something to do with hanging things on the wall! You can also see in this picture the other art hanging across from the bed (so that we can see it while lying in bed... when it's dark? Or something... *ninja seeing in the dark powers*). Inside the other frame is a cut-out of Manitoba, because that's where we met, fell in love, and now live! Though I'm not a huge fan of the particular tracing I have, so I might update that. On the other side of today's Fantastic and Free project are three hanging vases I got from CB2. They're filled with some dried branches I got from Superstore that have a smell that reminds me of my grandparent's house in Florida. I love it.

 And this is what it looks like from another angle. I know that window is terribly bare. All the windows in the house are - except for the living room ones that came with curtains when we bought the house. I'll keep ya posted as we continue to update things, you know that!

And because I was so inspired by putting art in the bedroom (and hanging up those frames in the living room) I figured it was high time I got some more art on the walls! So I went on a quest to find places for all my frames - until I ran out of nails... And my quest got a bit derailed (de-nailed?). So I grabbed the painting/drawing I did a couple months ago of a seashell and I hung it in the bathroom. Because I felt that was appropriate.

Besides, then it could go with the little starfish hanging out in a vase on our vanity! Don't mind the ugly linoleum, or the ugly countertop. Sixty year old house, folks. 

In the kitchen, I hung up a cute frame that my Uncle Bert and Aunt Jeanette bought Derek and I when we got married. Inside the three spaces for photos are the picture we included in our wedding invitations, the poem that Derek wrote for the invites, and a love bird stamp (different than the one on the invites, because that didn't fit, but similar) with our initials underneath. I hung that near our kitchen table, but I didn't include the table in the shot because I've updated the "centrepiece" and I'll be sharing those pictures tomorrow!

I'm seriously considering spray-painting the frame white, as well as painting the mat - though I don't know what colour I'd do, but I think a colour would like nice... to make the stuff inside pop? - and maybe painting one of the letters? The "V"? Maybe the same colour as the mat? Not sure. If you have suggestions for mat colour, please, I'd love to hear them! You can leave a comment on the blog, or on the Facebook link. You folks can give me some inspiration!

But back to sharing the frame collection. This one (and the last work of art I'll be showing) I actually had up on the walls already, but I haven't mentioned them yet. This is a sweet frame that Derek's brother, Jeremy, and his girlfriend, Adrienne, bought us as a wedding present! I love having my votives on it. I bought them awhile back from Chapters (*shock. Chapters has fantastic decor, just so you all know), but I hadn't found a place that I really like them, until I put this up. And yes, I realize that it seriously needs some personalized pictures/art inside it (because those people aren't actually me and Derek), but I'll get to that! Maybe when we own our wedding photos? Anyway. It's hanging up above our bright red love seat in the living room. Again, I might paint the frame white. I think that the black is looking a bit heavy in the living room, but I'll have to see. No promises either way!

 And finally, I have this creation! I actually hung this up our first day at the new house, because there was a nail on the wall, and I figured why not! But I'm not sure I love the placement, so it might get moved. I made this awhile back with paint, water, and a canvas that we have. I really like it. It's quite colourful and fun. Though I think the yellow wall makes it a bit too much. Guess we'll find out where I like it once we paint?

Budget Breakdown:
PAINT CHIPS: $0 (because of ninja skills...)
FRAME: $0 (have had it for ages; probably got it before Derek and I got married... and this is the first time its been hung on a wall. Oops)

ALL THE CUSTOM ART IN MY HOUSE: Priceless (though I honestly am seeing way too many blank walls still that will need to be filled with everything pretty and precious)

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