Monday, 22 October 2012

White Scarves and Hairstyles: Week #3 of the October Dress Project

We've made it to week number three (read about week one and two, here and here), and can you imagine, Lana and I are still both creating outfits that, while similar to previous ones, are still individuals. It's amazing what you can come up with when you are forced to wear the same main wardrobe piece day after day after day. I know for me, for the most part I'm surprisingly not sick of the dress yet. I've definitely being a lot more creative with it than I was last time I participated in the challenge. Maybe it helps that I'm forcing myself to share my outfits with the whole world - the whole world being about 30 people in my case.

October 15th (simple and cute, with pops of colour in the earrings and shoes): 

Oct 16th (I decided to try something a bit different, in wearing a longer, looser shirt over the dress. I also pulled that scarf out of my closet - it's one I really, really like, but I often find myself passing it up for something a little less bold. It was good to use it again):

October 17th (Trying at creativity again, I tucked the dress up, and turned it into a shirt. I really liked how it turned out. I also decided to do something different with my hair, which I ended up absolutely loving. Too bad the happy accident happened on a day when I just stayed at home!):

October 18th (though this is the outfit I wore that day, we actually took the picture on Saturday - the 20th - because we forgot on the Thursday. So, for those of you keeping track of my hair-down-challenge, I had it down on Thursday; there's just no record because we forgot to take a picture, which I'm completely okay with because I didn't really love the outfit, and my hair was incredibly challenging. The awkward pose in this picture is because I washed the dress Thursday night, and it shrunk again, so I'm pulling it down for this shot. I really gotta try the trick for stretching things out again....):

October 19th (Friday - with class. I tried my fantastic hairstyle from the 17th, but it completely failed. Why is it that I can accomplish an awesome hairstyle once, and then never again? *sigh* But that was alright, because I actually really liked my outfit - belted cardigan over a button up: simple but sweet):

October 20th (throwback to day one with my awesome home-made necklace, but different with the belt, the boots, and the different leggings. I also put my hair in a side ponytail which I absolutely adored. I will have to try it again and hope that it works better than my second attempt at day 17's hair. I'm so excited that my hair is long enough to start doing side ponytails! Mission grow hair accomplished!):

October 21st (church and stuff. That gorgeous white scarf that I'm wearing is from Ten Thousand Villages. Derek and I were browsing there on Saturday - with a gift card we had from our wedding - and he was looking at the scarves, and suggested I get one. I told him that I was waiting to find a white scarf before I bought any other ones. So he shrugged, and we kept browsing, and I found something that I decided to buy - I'll share the details probably tomorrow! - and as I was checking out, Derek called me over, to where he was standing with a beautiful white scarf. It was exactly what I'd been looking for! Calling it destiny, I bought it, and now I never want to take it off! In fact, I'm wearing it again today):

So, that's week number three. Still amazed that we're both going strong. Lana is back here in Manitoba with all her clothing, so she's pretty pumped about that - more options are always a plus. Though, actually, Lana and I are talking about next year combining the October Dress Project with the 30 for 30 project. Essentially the 30 for 30 project involves picking out thirty articles of clothing and only using those to create outfits for thirty days. So, with our dresses as our base, we'd pick thirty items (including pants, sweaters, shirts, shoes, etc.) and create thirty different outfits - one for each day of October. We feel that doing that would reflect the anti-consumerism and pro-creativity ideas behind the October Dress Project even more. So I guess we'll see what happens? 

Note: You can read more about the project in this blog post which also includes links to the Facebook group, and the blog of the creator of the October Dress Project.

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