Monday, 15 October 2012

Window Shopping At Liquidation World

This Saturday I went out to grab some things from the Dollarstore (some more fall things, a couple canvases - that you'll probably see in a soon-to-be-post - a few candles, etc.) but while I was at the mall, I stopped in at our local Liquidation World. Anyone who's been there knows that a lot of what they offer isn't very fantastic, but all of it's cheap, and if you look hard enough, you can find some pretty cool things.

For instance, they have these ramekins, in a cute burgandy. Perfect for fall - now that it's here!

Or take a look at these black and white patterned duvets. They could work with so many styles - from spunky teen girl room, to a much more mature adult room. The pattern is really nice, and because they're black and white they'll go with most colour schemes.

Then they had these Febreze scented candles that I almost got. I loved the colour combination, as well as the scents. And for $8 each candle works out to just over $3 - and you'd be getting yourself hours of delicious scents. Besides, now that's its fall (and soon to be winter) it's definitely time to start burning candles again. And since the colours are so light and spring-esque, they'll bring some much needed colour and warmth once the snow starts falling.

I found this guy in the Halloween section. I thought that the glittery-ness was kinda cool. I'm not one for much of the skulls/witches/blood and gore Halloween decoration, but I thought he might be nice along with some tapered candle sticks, and maybe a couple spooky sounding books, on a console table or a fireplace mantle. And if he's the only creepy decor you've got, you're hardly near creepy!

I really liked the shape of these glasses, they were simple and sleek - exactly what good glasses should be.

Also in the kitchen aisle, I came across this cute little set. Perfect for serving appetizers/dips to guests, and the four bowels come with a slate tray, which is definitely a hit in my book.

Then I found these plates, which are not only white ceramic, but also have a lovely, almost cable-knit pattern around the edges. Dishes like this automatically cosy up a table-setting. Christmas dinner? Yes please!

Then there were these fun jars. Can't you imagine filling one up with candy, or hot chocolate powder, putting a bow on it and calling it a gift? Love it when the gift is also the container.

Out of the kitchen stuff, and into the home decor, and we have this fantastic quatrefoil clock. I love that it's both a clock and a mirror, and that the clock itself looks nice. The construction of it looked pretty solid too. This would be great on a living room wall, or maybe a dining room? Or an office? So many possibilities.

Continuing on the clock theme, there was this guy that I almost fell in love with. I adore the Roman numerals, and the vintage globes going on inside the clock! As well as the super cute shape of the hands.

And finally, for clocks, there was this one - really quite similar to the last, but with a totally different pattern. Which is also fantastic. Anyone have experience with Liquidation World clocks? Do they actually keep time well? I'm pretty tempted to go back and grab that globe one!

Oh, but speaking of quatrefoil, check out this awesome quatrefoil mirror! If you don't want the clock, but love the shape, this is perfect.

Then there was this hurricane, which I thought was super cute. Perfect for a summer time out-door meal. Or maybe on the table of a breakfast nook! Put a candle in for night-time, or maybe throw in a few lemons and limes to keep the theme going.

And finally was this fantastic floor mirror! The thing was almost as tall as me. I'm sorry I couldn't take a better picture of it, but the frame had a gorgeous ceramic-type pattern on it. Definitely was calling my name to take it back home and throw it in our bedroom. It really was huge. Gotta love floor mirrors.

So, that was my little window shopping excursion that I enjoyed immensely. Hopefully some of the above items can inspire all of you guys! Any favourite items? I'm definitely loving that floor mirror. Might see if I can convince Derek that we need another one!

Note: This post is not sponsored in any way by Liquidation World. I just enjoyed the opportunity to take pictures of interesting things in order to garner inspiration. Besides, I love shopping! Especially the kind where you don't spend any money!

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