Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Picking Paint Colours

I've probably mentioned before that although some of the paint colours in the house are actually rather nice, they aren't the colours that I'm planning on keeping the walls! They aren't bad colours, but they're just not the colours I want. Instead, I'm going to be going for a softer, more sea-esque feel. And lo, and behold, good ol' Martha has a picture of a collection of paints/colours that fits my mojo perfectly! Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not planning on painting every single room one of these colours (actually, based on the number of colours and the number of rooms I have, I'd probably have to paint the rooms half one colour and half another!) but I do love a lot of these colours, and I know already that there are some that I want on my walls. And by that, I mean today! But as for the others, the collection will give me a good base for making sure that things that we buy/create fit in with the scheme (colour scheme, that is). 

So all that being said, I'd already decided before I stumbled upon these colours, that I wanted our bathroom to be painted a soft dove grey. So, today I picked up some paint chips from a local store (mostly because I have a free project planned with them, but also for this) and now they're hanging out on our bathroom wall. Because frankly, the dark red/brown colour really isn't doing it for me. I'd love to see our bathroom transformed into a wonderful, light airy room! And while we won't be doing a major reno in there for awhile, I think a fresh coat of paint on the walls (and maybe some on the linoleum? I'll let you know how that plan goes) will do wonders for the place.

Even though there are four chips up in these pictures, I'm pretty sure I'll be taking one of them down right away (the furthest guy on the right). I thought I'd try him out, but he's a bit too blue for what I'm looking for. As for the others, I think I'm tied between two colours, but the idea of taping them up on the wall is to get an idea of what looks best, no matter what the lighting/time of day. So I'll probably wait a day or two before deciding for sure what I want to put up everywhere. Besides! We're still on my two weeks of free projects. Can't start doing things that cost money yet!

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