Friday, 12 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #13: Getting Ready For Christmas

Well, today's post is the last one. Can you believe that for the past two weeks I have created something every day out of things that I have? The projects have ranged everywhere from custom coffee mugs, to the fall centrepiece on our coffee table, to securing the dangerous sink cover thing (only one of two "non-creative" tasks). I'm both impressed by myself, and challenged to keep up the incredibly regular blogging that has been inspired by this project. Considering all the work that has to be done on our quirky home, hopefully the posts will continue to flow from my fingertips! *wink. As I mentioned (yesterday, I think?) I'm planning on keeping this challenge up, though decreasing - by far - the frequency of it. So, from here on in, once a month you'll be getting a fantastic and free project, though I might up it to once a week if I have all kinds of creative use-what-ya-got ideas. 

While I was trying to come up with ideas for what to do today, I came across this post on Creative Jewish Mom (which I thought was ironic... since I'm Jewish. And for anyone who's wondering, I'd never heard of the blog until today) about making flower wreaths out of toilet paper tubes. How convenient it was, then, that I'd started collecting the tubes we used after we moved into our home. So far, I've only collected three.... which, as it turns out, isn't enough to make a whole wreath, but I thought that maybe today's project could be an ongoing one. 

So I grabbed the three toilet paper tubes and flattened them out.

Then I measured and cut one 3/4 inch section, and used it as my template to measure and cut the rest of the tubes into pieces that were all the same size.

Once all three tubes were cut up (I keep almost writing "cute" for some reason. Once all the tubes were cute up? Weird.), I used them to craft seven-petalled flowers (which was perfect, because I managed to squeeze two flowers out of my three TP tubes), sticking them together with hot glue.

(If you're counting you'll have noticed that this one has eight petals, but that was before I started gluing it together and realized that I liked it better with seven.)

And so, I have started what will probably end up being some of our Christmas decorations. I think I'm going to end up spray-painting this silver, because while they look fine as-is, I think they'll be taken straight out of TP tube crafts and straight into chic and polished with a little bit of paint.

Budget Breakdown:
TUBES: $0 (well... you all know where they come from)
GLUE: $0 (always a necessity in really... everyone's house. Though, I'm sad to say, but when Lana gets back in ten freakin' days then I'll be losing my glue gun. But for anyone wondering, even that doesn't dampen my extreme enthusiasm about having her back home!)

STARTING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS TWO MONTHS EARLY: Priceless (though I don't think that Derek appreciated the fact that I was listening to Christmas music while making this project... and writing the blog post...)

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