Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #5

Number five here today, ladies and gents. Today my project was focused on organizing our bathroom, which is - other than the office/Lana's storage room - the most unorganized room in the house still. While all the other rooms - other than the office/Lana's storage room - are completely unpacked, the bathroom still has a rather large box of rather small things that I haven't really even looked at. Maybe I'm still getting accustomed to using a new bathroom - they always make me uncomfortable unless they're my own. All those germs, and whatnot. 

For those of you who aren't aware, I'm part of a "stamping/scrapbooking" club. We meet once a month to look at different techniques, enjoy company with other women our age, and to browse the products of a company called "Stampin' Up". And that is where the tools for this project came from. I'd bought them awhile ago, hoping to find a use for them in home décor. While I'm all for making cards and scrapbooking, it's not really a hobby I've ever dived into. Today, however, I got to use what I'd bought for my house, and that makes me happy! 

I have a set of four different label stamps and I chose the cute polka-dot one. 

Close-up now, so you can see how cute it is. Love it. It's a bit 50's, I think. Polka-dots always make me think of the 50's - in a completely good way. 

I also used my charcoal grey Stampin' Up ink, and a couple mason jars (they're very popular in my house - cheap, if not completely free to get, and they look great. Love 'em.) and some twine (also popular... if you were at my wedding, it was everywhere). 

Again, it was a really straightfoward process. I picked some cardstock that we had in the house, in a lovely soft, green colour, and used the stamp, and the matching cut-out-thing (technical term, I swear) to make the labels. I tied them to the jars, and put them in our medicine cabinet, with things like Q-tips, cotton pads, and my two nail polishes and nail clippers. I love that it corrals all these completely unrelated items in a cute, and efficient way. Now, instead of having a bunch of completely different containers (or in the case of the nail stuff, having no container at all!) they're tied together, and it's tidied up the medicine cabinet a lot. Though, believe me, the rest of it is still in dire need of some help (you can probably see the uncovered bathroom fan switch hiding in the background - that's just one of our house's quirks). I'm looking forward to making the rest of the cabinet match how much I love these jars.

Yep. It's official. I love 'em. They look fantastic. I might actually go stare at them for awhile. Wait. Is that  too creepy? I'm a "project" stalker?

And for anyone curious about what it looks like when I'm in the middle of a project:

Yeah. It's a mess, believe me. Maybe I should get a project table. In the office? Oh wait. In the office... someday? Okay. Good plan.

Budget Breakdown:

STAMPIN' STUFF: $0 (cause I already had it)
MASON JARS: $0 (came from my collection of them. Like I said, gotta love yourself a good mason jar. Or five. Or ten...)
TWINE: $0 (leftover from the wedding)
STUFF INSIDE JARS: $50 (just kidding. It was $0 too. Though wouldn't it have been funny if I'd bought things just so I had something to go inside the jars?)


Note: I would just like to say thank you to all my faithful (and those not so faithful) readers. We are officially over 3000 pageviews! Thanks so much for enjoying my blog enough to keep reading my ramblings. Love you all! 

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