Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fall... and All that Jazz

So this is the post that I was in the process of writing when, this evening, I realized that I should probably get on that supper thing, headed down to the basement, and this happened. And while that was tons of fun (third measurement unit I've used in reference to that post! Check out the first two in the title of that post... I'm so cool, I know) lets move on to something a little bit less traumatic.

From previous posts you may have noticed that I'm a fan of decorating for the season - specifically fall, since that's the season we're in. While my living room has been lucky enough to be the focus of the majority of my decorating (it's the room we're in the most), there was a sad little end table/cabinet thing (which is actually the table I mentioned way back in January in one of my first posts! - here) that was actually storing all my not put away decor items as you can see in my house tour video here. But since I went out to do some shopping on Saturday, I picked up a few things and I've slowly been incorporating them into my house. And as I was doing that, this happened!:

At Superstore, I picked up some fall-esque potpurri (in coconut and lime scent. love it.) and a set of four fake pears (for $6 - that's $1.50 a pear, which I think is a great deal, considering the Dollarstore didn't have any faux fruit!). I had plans to paint the pears white, and get the whole ceramic look thing happening. However, as I was staring at my collection of newly-purchased items, I was thinking to myself, I really wish I could throw these potpurri pine cones in a glass bowl, except I don't have any glass bowls... but then I remembered that I totally did (wedding present of glass mixing bowls for the win!) and I grabbed the largest and decided to throw a few pears in (with the pine cones) and then I ended up throwing some more of the potpurri in as well. I moved some items around and collected a few things from around the house (the candle-pebble tray that was on my coffee table, a scrap of burlap, our guest book, a toilet paper tube flower). It definitely took some playing around, but I really love the way it turned out. And even though I'd originally been planning to paint those pears white, I'm really loving the bright splash of green against the celery green table.

As for our coffee table, it also got some different decoration - a leaf garland, glass bowl, and candle from the Dollarstore, and some of the potpurri from Superstore. I love that $4.00 can create such a new and different centrepiece (the bag of potpurri was $10, but since such a small amount of it is in this container, I think it only amounts to about $1 worth).

And as an added bonus, I discovered this little guy crawling around on my wall. Cool. I like ladybugs. It's like he's living here too. Hanging out at my house. Escaping the freezing temperatures of Manitoba fall - which are ridiculous by the way.

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