Thursday, 18 October 2012

Party In My Basement

That is a reference to a certain Miley Cyrus song. Yes.

Anyway, post number 60! Woo. I'm accomplishing things here, folks. And because there really wouldn't be any point to me writing this blog without all of you (30 or so people) to read it, I want to give a huge, big thanks to you all. You have no idea how much I appreciate your comments and seeing that people are interested in what I have to say. Seriously. Love you guys.

I also want to say thank you for your prayers in regards to the water issue we've been having in our basement. It's nowhere near fixed, so keep 'em coming, but I did want to share a little update on the matter for which Derek and I are both incredibly grateful. The water does not appear to be coming in from outside! Or at least not most of it! Huzzah! Party! Balloons! Etc! (Hence the unfortunate reference to a song - and a style of music - that Derek and I really don't listen to. Ever.)

I've been doing a bunch of Skyping with my Dad/taking pictures of random things in the basement/observing the water for the past couple days. For anyone who doesn't know my dad, let me say again that he is amazing and is one of the handiest men I know. So, he can help solve problem even an entire province away! Essentially, he put forward the idea that we had a backed up drain and/or leaky plumbing. And today, as I observed the water in reference to the water consumption in the house, we realized that that's probably the case. The biggest (and probably most exciting) discovery was that after I did a load of laundry, the water on the floor was sudsy. As in, not from outside. Considering that outside is less than sudsy. Also, the expansion (and retraction) of the water seemed to be following our water use way more so than the weather outside - for instance, the fact that there was a ton of water down there after a couple days of very dry, warm weather, and now, even though it's been raining straight for two days, the water keeps going away (and coming back, but it comes back after we've taken a shower, or done the laundry). All I can say is if it's related to the plumbing, I'm sure glad it ain't related to the toilet's plumbing! That'd be nasty. *disgusted tongue stick out/shiver*

So all that to say, that we're really happy that it's something so much less difficult to deal with RIGHT NOW than water coming in from outside. Of course, we'll still have to get a plumber in to take a look/see if they can unplug the drain. So if any of you Steinbach people happen to know a plumber who would give a discount to two poor, newly-wed folks, let me know!

Again, thank you for all your prayers, and keep 'em coming as we try to sort this out. Oh, we love our quirky little home.

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