Thursday, 4 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #6

Well, today's post isn't so much about decor as it is about safety. Specifically foot safety. More specifically, my foot safety. Now, you've all heard me say (plenty of times already, but here, I'll say it once again) that our house has quirks.

Let me introduce you to our sink where I spend many laborious hours a few not-that-difficult minutes washing dishes every evening (which is actually the truth! Since Derek and I moved into the house, we've washed the dishes every night immediately after supper! Go us.). You might notice an odd looking cover above the doors. And if you're especially observant, you might notice a thin gap between that cover-thing and the cupboard.

Here, let me make it a bit easier for ya. Gap. (Not the clothing store, though that would be pretty sweet to have in my kitchen... hmm... in the workings for when we do our renos? Maybe?)

Now, the gap might seem innocent enough (now read that again while thinking of the clothing store; now laugh. Good.) but I assure you it isn't! The gap exists because that cover-thing is not securely attached to the cupboard. And by not securely, I mean really not at all. I have had many unfortunate instances (in this one week of living here) where I have leaned to much against it. And it's fallen off. onto. my. feet. 

So today, as I was wandering around the house wondering what I might do for our little project (which is definitely my idea of good brainstorming, by the way. Wander around until something hits me. Which in this case was quite literally how it happened), and I was looking in one of the wall cupboards by the sink, when I stepped back a bit and it fell down. onto. my. feet. 

Well. That did it. I grabbed my hammer and some nails, and I go to work. No more falling death cover thing for me! I made sure to hammer the nails in at a slight angle so that they would go through the cupboard wood as well as the cover-thing, because otherwise we'd be back where we started - except with a much more dangerous falling death cover-thing. Because this one would have nails. And teeth?

In the end, it's far from pretty, but it's way safer. Besides. Just check out all that brass hardware. It's hard to call anything of our kitchen cabinets pretty... And for anyone who's curious, this is essentially the same angle as the second photo of the cover thing, except sans gap. And no. That door doesn't close. 

Budget Breakdown:

CABINETS AND COVER THING: $0 (came with the house?)
NAILS AND HAMMER: $0 (from the handy, dandy tool kit that my dad made up for me my first year of college. Yay, Dad. He's awesome. Those of you who haven't met him: you should. He could probably fix all the quirks in my house in a day. He's like... super-fix-it-Dad. Maybe that's where I get the inspiration to DIY a quirky old house?)


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