Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pinterest FAIL

So, I shared last week Wednesday that I was going to be participating in the Pinterest Challenge. Then I promptly went "off the air" for three days, only to reappear yesterday with comments stating that I completely lost track of taking pictures for the October Dress Project last week... Get where this is going? Yeah. I really, really did want to take part in the fantastic challenge started by Sherry of Young House Love, and Katie of Bower Power - but things were just so darn hectic last week... it didn't end up happening. I blame the crazy fantastic party on Friday (which I have yet to share pictures of, but I will! I promise!), the fact that my dear friend Lana is back in town, and all of the other people that filled up my house and my life in the past seven days. Seriously. I cannot say it enough times. We had people over every. single. night. last week. So much love and friendship and pieced together family-ness. I wouldn't have traded it for anything, but so, so busy.

That being said, I did manage to squeeze in some fun little projects to keep my update-house-and-be-creative streak going, including making some more art for the master bedroom walls. I picked up two canvases from the Dollarama. I wanted two chunky square ones, but they unfortunately didn't have any... so I might have to eventually moved these to another place and pick some like I really want from Michaels, or a similar store, but for now they work.

I grab my classic favourite painting colours - sea blue, cream, light purple, dark purple - and a stamp for the first one. After giving the whole canvas a background with the stamps, I squirted dots of paint onto the board, and I went to town...

Not literally - that's just my new "saying" right now. What I meant was that I started painting. I went for chunkier, bigger streaks and just moved the paint around until I liked it. I realized as I was uploading these pictures, that I actually don't have any shots of the "finished product". But they're hanging in the bedroom - and Derek's asleep in there, so I'll have to share them another time.

For the second one, I painted the canvas entirely with pale purple, and decided to make some geometric shapes with the dark purple. Unfortunately, like the other painting, this is actually in the middle stage - not the finished stage, so I'll have to get back to you with a shot of them hanging up.

I ended up liking them, and they definitely bring a bit more life to the room. I hung them on the opposite side of our closet, so they balance out the other art that I've shared (the paint chip art that ended up being Fantastic and Free project #12). There's still tons of work to be done, but we're really excited about the little things that we're accomplishing. And we're totally okay with taking it slow. Other than the water in the basement. Seriously. We should not be taking that slow. Really need to get on calling a plumber - news flash, for anyone who doesn't know us all that well, Derek and I are so.... sooooooo slow at getting things done. Example: I didn't get my first piece of ID with my married name on it until last week, exactly five months after the wedding. Yep. We're those people.

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