Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Revamping An Ottoman, or Why The Heck Would I Store Sheets in My Living Room?

So, awhile back (when we lived in the apartment) I picked up a cute rattan ottoman to put in the living room. At the apartment, unfortunately there wasn't really the space to put it anywhere useful, though it did look nice. However, now that we're in the house, its become quite useful, having a spot right next to the couch, perfect for placing cups, cell phones, or books. See? Look how nice and handy that is!

Except that since we're being honest, most of the time it actually looks like this, eliminating all the usefulness ever. I mean, sure we're still in the "figuring out where things go stage", but really.

And to make matters worse, this is what's inside. Yes, those are sheets. No, we don't have a pull out couch. Yes, it is a weird place to store them. But you have to understand! At the apartment, we simply didn't have enough space to store sheets/extra blankets. Back there, we had one small linen closet to nicely try to squish everything into. So, sheets and blankets ended up being stored all over the house in various clothes closets/ottomans. But now that we've moved, we actually have two spare bedrooms upstairs, where extra blankets/sheets will actually come in handy. So, upstairs these sheets went, leaving me with a space to store whatever I wanted.

Right now it has a couple cords (my cell phone cord, a LAN cord), some paint chips, and the vitamins that I take at night. Oh, also I threw a pen and a highlighter in there. Cause it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now the inside of my ottoman is a hundred times more useful for everyday living room life. Though, I can't promise that, even though I did clear off the top, that it will stay that way...

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