Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fantastic and Free #4

Well, I actually started this project yesterday, to be honest, but I've (almost) completed it today. The almost is because the last component to completing it we won't be able to use until we replace our locks. Basically, I made us some key art!

It was really quite simple, but rather sentimental, I think. I found a shadow box frame in one of our (many) boxes, and decided to put it to work. Derek had a spare key to his parents house, I took one of the keys to the apartment, and then I made a third spot for the key that came with the house, that will be of no use once we change our locks. 

Then, all it took was cutting some cardstock to the right size and masking-taping it on to the back of the frame...

Shortening some nails (which involved a very safe technique involving pliers and the edge of a table)...

Hot gluing the nails, and the keys themselves, to the paper...

Adding some of my chicken scratch to say what the keys represented, and throwing the glass and frame back together. I really like how it turned out, and I'm sure I'll like it even more when we can add the final key to it. I'm considering painting the keys in some sweet colours, maybe some that (sort of) represent the life stages of the keys? Who knows. For now, it's hanging out in our living room, and I can see it, no matter where I'm sitting. I like.

Budget Breakdown:

KEYS: $0 (though, does the last one count because we need to change the locks to make it available? I'm going to say yes, because the locks would be changed either way)
SHADOW BOX FRAME: $0 (found it hanging out)

SENTIMENT: Priceless ;)

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