Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hung up on Hanging Things, or This Post Title is a Fail

So, I'm not terribly creative when it comes to post titles, unfortunately. In fact, I've never been terribly creative at coming up with any names. My papers in college were all titled by essentially what the assignment was called. And as for coming up for names for characters, well. Don't even get me started on that! It's just not really a skill that I've ever mastered. But I'm challenging myself to write something more than just a boring title that describes the post. Hence today's terrible name.

But, while it might not be incredibly clever, I'd like to think that the content of this post will make up for it. Because yesterday, I put the frames from my Fantastic and Free project up on the wall! And it looks awesome. Seriously, every time I walk into the living room, or sit in the living room, or read a book in the living room - or really anything that involves this room - I can't help but look up and smile at the collection on the wall. Sure, they're all empty. And sure, I still need to wash the glass on all of them, but just stop for a moment, and take in (through a picture which hardly does it justice!) how fantastic it ended up being. I might even grow so attached to the frames that after Halloween I'll just switch out my Arsenic and Old Lace plans, and put some photos and some modern art in them and call it a day!

Seriously, folks. The pictures don't do it justice. You need to come over and check it out. That's an open invitation. 369 Second St. Here in Steinbach, kids!

I started off by tracing and cutting out their shapes on the Canadian Tire flyer that we'd gotten in the mail yesterday. Then I arranged them on the floor (I did take the mirror off the wall and I included it in the floor-brainstorming, but I snapped this picture after I put it back up on the wall). It took some fiddling, but I came up with a pattern that appears asymmetrical, but secretly isn't. Shh. Don't tell anyone. It's actually just sort of a mirror/upside down image, with the two bigger pieces at the centre.

But back to the steps! I used my wonderful Frog tape (best painter's tape ever, by the way) to stick the flyer templates up on the wall, following the pattern that I'd mapped out on the floor.

Then, because I'm clever like that, I hammered the nails through pre-made holes in the paper, so that I knew EXACTLY where the frames would need to be hanging. Then, I just took the paper off the wall, replaced it with the frames. And voila (feel free to scroll back to the top to see the awesomeness once again).

It turned out perfectly. Seriously. I'm smiling at them right now. Also, since I've put these up, I've been inspired (and less fearful) to put art up in other rooms in my house, which I'll definitely be sharing with ya'll tonight when I write my twelfth Fantastic and Free post. I can't believe I've actually almost made it! Tomorrow will be the last one, everyone. Though, I've been so inspired with this that I might just keep it up. Cutting it down to maybe one every week or once a month? I don't think I have the creativity (or the resources!) to keep making free projects every day for the rest of my life! But I will be continuing to find cheap projects to slowly update our quirky home, including starting on painting this place? Goodbye ugly red-brown bathroom walls? We'll see!

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