Monday, 8 October 2012

The October Dress Project: Week #1

The first week of October (and thus the October Dress Project) is now completed. It's been an interesting week for me, but so far it hasn't been terribly difficult to come up with outfits. Here's for hoping that me saying that hasn't jinxed me for the rest of the month! As promised, here are pictures from each day so far, starting with last Monday and finishing with yesterday, Sunday. Well here goes!

Actually I lied. The pictures start with one day before October: September 30th. Lana and I both decided that we wanted to have pictures of what we wore on the "bookend" days (aka, the 30th, and then Nov. 1st). We felt that those days were significant enough to be included. All the pictures are shot inside our bedroom, with Derek as the wonderful photographer.

September 30th:

October 1st (first day of the project, so I went with the dress as-is. If you've been reading the blog, you've probably already seen this shot, but I re-included it just so that the week would be complete):

October 2nd (belted cardigan, and miracle of miracles, my hair is down. This may be the only time you see it this way, folks, so enjoy it!):

October 3rd (drama auditions at the college; things were getting cold so I bundled up):

October 4th (this is the day the snow started falling. Skinny jeans - and socks! - to go with the freezing temperatures outside):

October 5th (had class in the morning, and decided to try throwing a skirt on top to see how it would look. On my walk to school, I got completely soaked from the blizzard(!) going on outside, so I ended up not wearing those boots at all, except on the walk):

October 6th (Thanksgiving dinner with the Penners! Threw on a scarf and some cute shoes to make the dress look a bit fancier):

October 7th (Church. The outfit got thrown together rather quickly because I woke up at 9:30 - and that's exactly when Sunday school started - but I really ended up liking it. It's hard to tell because of the lighting, but I'm wearing a burgundy sweater over top of the dress):

So there it is: one week in dress. I washed the dress Thursday night, and I think it shrunk a bit, so I'm really hoping next time I wash it it doesn't do that again, because I'd prefer if I didn't have to turn the project into the October Shirt Project! So here's to hoping it stays where it is.

Note: You can read more about the project in this blog post which also includes links to the Facebook group, and the blog of the creator of the October Dress Project.

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  1. Your Hair is Adorable down! You are inspiring me to try something like this :)