Saturday, 20 October 2012

Well the Cat Came Back

So I didn't end up writing a post yesterday, which is actually rather unfortunate. My day was pretty insane though, and it ended in the most spectacular way. My dear friend Lana has been living in Alberta since right after our wedding (I think she left for Banff the day we got back from our honeymoon?).

She was working at a resort, in the mountains, called Johnston Canyon. But she left at the beginning of June, and she wasn't coming back till the end of October. So, that's a good five months right there. She came back once, for our other friend Anja's wedding (that's Lana on the far left):

But since she was here for a wedding, she spent most of the week helping the bride. While I spent most of the week working at Tim Hortons. Good times. Then back in the middle of September, I flew out to visit her. Of which I have no photographs, because apparently Lana and I don't take pictures. I stayed for a week, and it was fantastic. We chatted and giggled and also spent time not doing anything - but together. Kinda like when we lived together. Derek can tell you that for the past two or three weeks, I've been giving him a daily (or hourly, depending on my mood) countdown until she came home. He thought it was adorable. Which is good, because if he didn't, he probably would have thought that it was annoying... 

Anyway, Lana had told me that she was coming home on Sunday, though she refused to tell me who was driving her from the bus station to Steinbach, and where she was staying once in Steinbach. Which I thought was odd, but I didn't think much of it. I definitely didn't even imagine that she might be coming home early - until yesterday morning at school, that is, when Thomas, Raymond, and I were discussing her return, and Professor Terry came into the conversation saying that he was expecting her to be at their house that evening. Imagine my shock and surprise!

Image found here.

Well, of course, Thomas and I decided to turn the surprise around on her. We'd be waiting at Terry and Luann's for her when she got there. Ha! Thomas seemed a bit upset, but when we conversed about it, he just seemed to be upset that she hadn't told him she'd be home early. 

So, 10:30 rolled around, and Derek and I hid out at Terry and Luann's. Thomas said he'd be there in a bit - that he'd meet us there. He had some stuff to do at home. Eventually Terry and Luann got back, maybe around quarter to 11. And Luann let us know that Lana had texted her saying that the bus had been late. So, we waited. Which wasn't all that bad, because it meant that Derek and I had a chance to catch up with Terry and Luann - with whom Derek lived for nine months before our wedding. As the clock ticked past 11, I realized that Thomas still wasn't there, which I thought was odd. And that's when Terry and Luann informed me that Thomas had hoodwinked me too - he was Lana's transportation to Steinbach. 

When they arrived at 11:30(ish), Derek and I leaped up and yelled surprise, of course. And Lana - who knew that I was going to be there through Thomas - was just as excited to see me as she would have been if her pre-planned surprise had worked out. We stayed up till almost 2:00 at our house, after hanging out a bit at Terry and Luann's, and I bought her ice cream. And now, as I write this, I'm excited to get to see her again today. And tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. And so on (we have plans to see each other almost every day this week. Crazy.) So that was my yesterday (minus a midterm, a doctor's appointment, Derek making us personal lasagnas for supper, me making a mess of the living room in an attempt to craft a cute card, etc).

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