Friday, 12 October 2012

Welcome to My Home!

Well, today's post certainly took a lot longer than my posts normally take - at least the first post of the day. Normally, for the first post, I take one thing that I've recently updated, snap a couple pictures, edit the pictures, write a few witty words, and then I'm done. But you see, today I made you folks a video! You will get a tour of my house with me as your lovely hostess! But of course, I had to film the video, then I had to edit the video (adding in music and titles, and taking out the unfortunate sniffing that happened through most of it... oops!). Then I had to figure out how to get the video on here, because the blog wouldn't directly upload it. All in all, a lot of work for something that's just under nine and a half minutes! How do people make videos for a living?

But essentially in this video you will get to see:
  • all the rooms in the house (minus the basement)
  • our gnome
  • random piles of stuff that has no home as of yet (I'm thinking we may need to have a garage sale eventually)
  • the office that eats babies
  • no sniffing (because I cut that out!)
  • our table's fall centrepiece (and the unfortunately high shelves that are essentially out of reach - even for someone as tall as me!)
  • a fantastic, reclining wing chair
Plus lots of other goodies (?). It's nine and a half minutes that you won't want to miss! Besides, for anyone who hasn't been at our house, it'll give you the opportunity to figure out how the place is laid out.

October 12, 2012 - House Tour from Chana Penner on Vimeo.

And because the video didn't give quite as much centrepiece magic, here's a couple more pictures. Now I just need a fairy godmother to turn one of these pumpkins into a carriage! 

And here's just a close up of the pumpkin I painted white. I like that it looks ceramic, and as you can see, I put it on a couple tupperware lids that I had lying around underneath it. They lift it up just enough so that it gives the display another level and makes the pumpkin more visible, but they are still hidden behind the rest of the pumpkins so you can't see them unless you look at it from the back/far side like this shot here.

And here's a far away shot, so you can see what the display looks like with the table, and with the LOVE frame that I put on the wall yesterday.

So there you have it, a video tour of our house, and more pretty fall decor. I'll probably switch this centrepiece up for the week of Halloween for something that goes more with my Arsenic and Old Lace theme, but for now (and for after Halloween until Christmas decorations!), I think it's great!

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