Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New York, New York

So, fun thing to start this post off with, but... my computer has stopped working. I've been having troubles with the battery for the past few weeks, but it's finally completely crapped out and hasn't turned on for the past two days. *sadface. I really need to call Apple and set up a Genius appointment to get it fixed (I'm sure it'll be a very simple process), but I suppose I'm nervous - like they're going to say, sorry, we can't fix it. Or sorry, it's your fault it's broken, so it's gonna cost you thousands of dollars... Or something like that.

But, that's not really why I'm writing this post. This post is to tell you all about one of the fun quirks that Derek and I have discovered about our house. 

See that cord? And see that plug? And see the distance between them? That cord is the cord for our dryer, and the only plug in the entire house for the dryer, is an entire foot too high up on the wall. 

So, this is what my basement currently looks like (pictures blurred purposely, so no one has to see the details of mine and Derek's undergarments). I feel like I'm living in a slum in New York in the 1920's - lines of laundry stretching between the apartment building's windows, fluttering above the people scrambling through the alley streets below. Except, our laundry isn't fluttering. And I didn't have nearly enough clothes-pins, so almost everything on the line is sharing pins, and there are things draped over the chairs down there. Good times, folks.

Really, we need to either build a box for the dryer, or switch the electric/plumbing around so we can put the dryer on top of the washer. Not really sure what exactly we'll be doing, so right now: basement (scroll up again so you can be reminded). 

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